Internet Safety Program for Milford Middle School


Pfc. Joey Melvin of the Milford Police Department and School Resource Officer for the Milford School District, announced that Keith Dunn, internet safety expert, will be presenting at assemblies for the 6th and 7th grades on May 13th 2011 at Milford Middle School. The program is jointly sponsored by Tidewater Utilities and Milford’s Mispillion Rotary Morning Club.

“Keith Dunn is a high-energy speaker who connects with kids and their cyber world. He understands their experiences and interacts with them to teach safety tips they’ll remember when it counts,” said Melvin, who researched the topic extensively before finally selecting Dunn. “If we don’t make this information relevant to their own world and experiences, they will tune it out. My research showed that Keith presents his information in a way that the students will hear- and understand.”

“The seminar is billed as “fun, educational and interactive”, said Melvin. “The one-hour seminar will rock the auditorium. From what I’ve learned, with Keith’s background in law enforcement and the performing arts, he brings to the program a unique style that blends storytelling and games that the students will enjoy.”

Mispillion Rotary Morning Club and Tidewater Utilities co-sponsor this important and timely program. “Many Tidewater Utilities employees have children in the Milford District,” said Tidewater President Jerry Esposito. “We’re proud to be able to partner with the Rotary Club, the school district and the police department to help this kind of educational outreach happen.” Esposito is a member of the Secure Our School Committee of the Milford School District, an organization which meets regularly to discuss school safety issues.
For more information about the seminar, contact Pfc. Joey Melvin at 430-7918 and for information on Keith Dunn, see his website: