Undefeated Season for Middle School Baseball

#12 Ricky Armstrong pitches his final game of the undefeated season leading the Bucs to a victory over Laurel

The Milford Middle School Baseball Team went undefeated in their 2011 season under the direction of head coach Matthew Bailey. In fact under Coach Bailey the Milford Middle School team has produced a record of 41-1 over the past four years.

This season coaches Matt Bailey, Jack Rodgers and Joey Melvin managed their athletes to another perfect season; outscoring their opponents 130 to 47.

“This has been a great group of young men to work with. We talked about our goals in the beginning of the season and the players all agreed that going undefeated was our team’s ultimate goal. I’m always impressed when a group of young players puts the teams goals ahead of any personal goals, and that’s what this team did,” commented Coach Bailey.

Star players included Ricky Armstrong who pitched the majority of the season, Tom Passwaters who was the team’s designated hitter and led the team in RBIs, and shortstop Ralph Messick who was the unofficial captain by demonstrating strong leadership throughout the season.

The undefeated season came into jeopardy this year twice. The most thrilling was a close game at Beacon Middle School. The Bucs were down 4 runs with 2 outs in the final inning of the game. The team rallied back to win the game 10 to 8 and remain undefeated.

These four past successful seasons gives hope to the Milford High School Baseball team and their chances of winning conferences or states in the future. The Milford Middle School team acts as a feeder program to the High School and has already enjoyed some of its success. Athletes George Michaels and Nick Grant, who were coached by Mr. Bailey during his first undefeated season, are now juniors on the High School Varsity Team. The High School team this year has seen much success and was #1 in the state at one point in the season.

“It is exciting to see the players from my first year of coaching step up and play on the Varsity team at the High School. I teach these kids about the fundamentals of baseball but also about sportsmanship and teamwork. I hope to see them one day performing at a higher level in college and beyond,” stated Coach Bailey.

The members of the undefeated 2011 Milford Middle School baseball team are 8th graders Tom Saxson, Ricky Armstrong, Tom Passwaters, Dwan Jarvis, Ralph Messick, Vincent Davis, Garrett McKee, Jake Adams, Taylor Reynolds Dustin Reeder; 7th graders Shawn Snowden, Dante George, Thomas Jordan and 6th graders Jason Saldana, Austin Stewart, William Kimmel and Derrick.