Downtown Milford Inc. Adds Color to Walnut St.


Starting in mid-May, Downtown Milford Inc. began their In Bloom Program. Large “Hayrack” style baskets were placed on the lampposts of Downtown, brimming with spring and summer flowers in every color.  Elevated above the pedestrian traffic, not only will the flowers be more visible, but will keep our sidewalks clear for leisurely strolling.  Look for large “Bloom Master” hanging baskets located in various downtown locations, along with a magnificent floral display at the river on Walnut Street. It’s going to be bright, lush display that the whole town will take pride in, all season long.

The volunteers pictured are top row (on the lift): Downtown Milford Inc. President Irv Ambrose;  Milford in Bloom floral designer Brenda Wilkins; Milford in Bloom founder and director Milly Pedersen; newly elected Milford School Board member Renate Wiley; and Milford Rental owner Joe Wiley. Bottom Row: Dolce Bakery co-owner Chuck Stanko; Yankee Clipper owner Tom Ducham; DMI Design Committee Chair Chuck Hauser; Dr. Loretta Edmondson; DMI Board member Mitch Edmondson; DMI Board member and Farmer’s Market coordinator  Jim Cooper; and Milford Parks and Recreation Director and DMI Board member Gary Emory.