Five High School Teachers Say Their Goodbyes


Caleb Primos

Moving on is an essential part of life and at the end of this school year five Milford High School teachers will be closing one chapter in their lives and opening a new one as each has announced his or her retirement.

Mrs. Sherry McKee will be one of those teachers pursuing new interests. She will be teaching three classes at Delaware Tech: College Math and Statistics, Calculus I, and Pre-calculus. Mrs. McKee said that the first semester will require a lot of adjusting, but best of all, she will only be teaching two days each week, enabling her to have more free time to go to her daughter’s athletic events. Her daughter Marcy graduated from Milford High last year and currently plays college softball.

Mrs. McKee follows her own trend of teaching somewhere for 14 years and then leaving as she taught at the middle school for 14 years and before transferring to the high school for her final 14. She said she will miss the students the most and lunch duty the least. “I love teaching classes and it is hard to leave my Pre-calculus students who would be in AP Calculus next year,” she said.

Mrs. Patricia Masten, who will retire after a long career as an MHS English teacher, also said that she will miss the students, along with her fellow teachers.

Mr. Samuel Williams, one of the driver’s education teachers, will not only miss “the students who have shown the excitement and thrill of getting their license the first time,” but he will also miss working with the high school staff for the past 31 years. Mr. Williams said that he has enjoyed being a coach and a teacher, but he looks forward to being able to spend his free time with his wife, Celeste, who is also retiring, and his grandson. Mr. Williams added that he and his wife will stay involved in the community and that they will also travel in their free time.

Mrs. Williams, a special education teacher, agreed that she will miss the staff and students but not all of the paper work involved with teaching. She wishes that the high school had a program where she could part-time teach, so she wouldn’t have to fully retire.

Mrs. Kaye Majoch, a fellow special education teacher, would like a job share program also that would let her come in and work for a couple of hours each day and still influence students, but she, too, would rather not have to worry about all of the extra work that keeps her busy after the school day and even during the summer break.