Graduating Seniors Choose Favorite Teacher to Present Diplomas


Kari Elzey

High school graduation remains a time students will never forget. It represents all the hard work that each student has put in over a 12-year span. This year Milford High School has added a little twist to graduation set for this Thursday, May 26. Instead of the superintendent of Milford School District handing out the student diplomas, as tradition holds, the students have choosen their favorite high school teacher to hand them their diplomas.

“It feels good to get to choose someone to give you the key to the next level,” said senior Jon Jones. “A lot of people would rather have someone they appreciate give them their diploma.”

“The seniors came up with the idea,” said MHS Principal Tamara Cooper. “They said they wanted their favorite teacher to hand them their diploma.” In order to make this a success students had to individually fill out a slip of paper with their favorite teacher’s name on it and turn it into the office. “There is a full envelope of students participating,” said Principal Cooper. “It is the best gift ever.”

“It’s a nice idea,” said senior Tyla Daniels. “But it is hard to choose. I wanted Coach [Dorant] Bartlett to give it to me, but he wasn’t able to because he isn’t a teacher, so I chose Mrs. Masten.”

Principal Cooper said she plans to continue this privilege beyond this year if the students so wish. “You will always remember three things: prom, your wedding and graduation,” said Principal Cooper. “I believe the idea will be successful.”

Commencement exercises will begin at 6:15 pm on Thursday, May 26 at Briggs Stadium at the Milford Senior High School.