Milford Hospital Holds its 54th Annual Fair

A beautiful day for parents and children to enjoy the Milford Memorial Hospital Fair

 On Saturday, May 21 the 54th annual Milford Memorial Hospital Fair took place at the Milford Middle School grounds. It was an exciting day filled with lots of live entertainment, great food and fun. Attendance was high as people enjoyed the beautiful day that offered what many described as“the best weather yet this season”.

The opening ceremonies began with an introduction from Lois Chamberlin, President of the Hospital Auxiliary, as she thanked the board members, donors and all the volunteers who made the event possible this year. “We brought back the tride and true things from the fairs of the past but also tried some new things,” commented Mrs. Chamberlin.

For the first time, the 2011 Milford Memorial Hospital Fair featured a talent show to spotlight some of the most talented entertainers from the greater Milford area. Milford’s Got Talent showcased eight entertainers in three age categories: under 13 years old, 13-18 years old and over 18 years old. Contestants had the chance to perform their talent of singing, dancing or playing a musical instrument.

The tricycle races were also a relatively new addition to the hospital fair. In this event local businesses or individuals sponsored a relay team that competed against other relay teams in a head-to-head race.

Each year, the Milford Memorial Hospital Auxiliary sponsors the Fair to raise money to fund vital programs and purchase lifesaving equipment for Milford Memorial Hospital. Net proceeds from this year’s Fair will be used to purchase a new dialysis machine for the Dialysis Department.

The hospital fair was started in1958 by Mrs. Raymond (Edith) Masten and Mrs. Leslie (Mardy) Dobson in the small field located in the area behind (north side) the hospital that faced along Clarke Ave. It was a very localized fundraising effort to purchase some special equipment for the hospital that was not available in the normal budget. The original location is now the site of the latest entrance wing of the hospital and the medical-arts offices that were later donated by the estate of Wilson S. Vinyard in 1973.

This year families attending the fair enjoyed a Civil War re-enactment, children’s games, ice skating rink, rides and inflatables, a petting zoo, great food, crafts, and vendors’ booths, as well as live entertainment throughout the day. The success of the Hospital Fair over the past 54 years is a great accomplishment for the Milford Memorial Hospital and the town of Milford.

“I don’t know of any other event that has been this successful for this long,” stated Paul Lakeman, President of the Bayhealth Foundation.
Mayor Ronnie Rogers commented, “I remember when [the Hospital Fair] first started over at the hospital grounds. This has really grown to be a great success and we are extremely proud.”

For more information about the Hospital Fair or the Milford Memorial Hospital Auxiliary please visit or contact Pat Fisher at (302) 422-7032 or Bev French at (302) 424-4465.