The Future is Here for Class of 2011

The Class of 2011 celebrates the culmination of the past twelve years.

On Thursday, May 26 the Milford Senior High School class of 2011 proudly stood on the field at Briggs Stadium to celebrate the culmination of their twelve years of hard work and dedication. The stadium was filled with family and friends supporting the accomplishments as the graduates took their first glance at their futures. Some students will choose college, some will join the work force and some will choose to serve our country by joining the military but all have moved one step closer to fulfilling their destiny.

Valedictorian Rebecca Jean Russell spoke to her class about the brightness of the future but reminded her peers that “today is their day” and it deserved celebration. Rebecca not only received the honor of valedictorian but was also awarded the English Department Award and the Donald L. Gibson Instrument Music Award for excelling in those areas of study.

Salutatorian Alexis Branta Coon gave her recollection of transferring to the Milford School District as a freshman four years ago. She admitted she was shy and wanted nothing to do with her peers but it was the enthusiasm and support of those same classmates that would not let her stay inside her tiny box for long. She thanked her colleagues or helping her to recognize herself and her abilities.

Principal Tamara Cooper presented the class of 2011for the first time as graduates of Milford Senior High School. There were a total of 248 graduates at Thursday’s ceremony with 53 of those students graduating as members of the National Honor Society.

The class gift was presented by Chasten Young, President of the senior class. The students presented grants to the Departments of Music, Arts and to the club Future Farmers of America. They also dedicated a life ring to be placed downtown in memory of Dee’jion Fullman who tragically lost his life in August of 2010 due to a drowning accident.

Superintendent Sharon Kanter spoke to the class of 2011 and asked them “are you ready?” as she challenged them to do great things with their lives. Quoting the poet Langston Hughes Ms. Kanter remarked “Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly. Hold fast to dreams for when dreams go life is a barren field frozen with snow.” She gave advice to the students to always remember their dreams that they have today and to continue working hard to achieve them.

Only the future will tell what is in store for the Milford High School graduating class of 2011. It is the next few years of their lives that will determine what their next great step will be.