Blood Bank Celebrates World Donor Day


Blood Bank of Delmarva will join blood centers around the globe to observe World Blood Donor Day on June 14.  The annual event, which is hosted in Buenos Aires, Argentina this year, highlights the role blood donors play in saving the lives and improving the health of millions.
While it is hoped that World Blood Donor Day will create wider awareness of the importance of blood donation and encourage more people to become regular blood donors, the purpose is not to attract a big influx of new donors on June 14. Instead, it is an opportunity to express gratitude to those who donate their blood, without expecting anything in return.  Every person who gives blood the week of World Blood Donor Day will receive a special Nexcare “GIVE” bandage.  In addition, those who give blood on June 14, which is also Flag Day, will receive an American flag.
“World Blood Donor Day is designed to celebrate the unsung heroes who voluntarily donate blood and save lives,” said Roy Roper, President and CEO of Blood Bank of Delmarva. “Over the past year, we’ve had more than 74,000 blood donations.  We take this opportunity to thank our donors and ask people to spread the word that blood donations are vitally important in our community and in every part of the world.”
The need for safe and secure supplies of blood and blood products is universal. Worldwide, at least 90 million units of blood are donated each year to save lives and improve health. However, demand for blood for transfusion continues to increase, and many countries cannot meet existing needs. In many regions, this means inadequate supplies to replace blood lost in childbirth, which is a major cause of maternal deaths in some parts of the world, and to treat anemia which threatens the lives of children who have malaria or are undernourished.
A stable base of voluntary unpaid blood donors who give regularly is the foundation of a safe and adequate blood supply. Blood Bank of Delmarva’s dedicated legion of members and regular blood donors has helped the organization avoid serious blood shortages that often affect other areas of the country and world. 
Thousands of Blood Bank members are currently enrolled in the plateletpheresis program and donate platelets (a component of blood critically needed to treat people with leukemia and cancer) as often as every two weeks.  The Blood Bank also has a “LifeSaver” program with members who have signed up to be “on-call” when there is an extra need for their blood type.  More than 350 blood donors are needed every day on Delmarva to support the blood supply at local hospitals.
The Blood Bank encourages everyone to observe World Blood Donor Day by making an appointment to give blood at one of the 34 convenient locations on Delmarva.  Visit or call 1-888-8-BLOOD-8.