Council Votes on City Budget for FY2011-‘12


The Fiscal 2011-12 Budget for the City of Milford was presented at the City Council meeting on Monday, June 13. The budget is for the period July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012 and totals $42,571,885. The proposed FY11-12 Budget presented was a balanced budget that offers a revenue and spending plan that will allow the City to operate and meet the obligations of the community. The total budget for FY 11-12 is $42,571,855, an increase of $889,839 (2.09%) from the previous year. The FY11-12 budget proposal does not include increases to the property tax, water, sewer, electric or trash rates or the City’s fee schedule. The City’s budget is divided into five funds. A General Government Fund accounts for the overall operations of the City and four enterprise funds that each account for their respective business/utility function

The FY11-12 budget reflects two personnel changes that will impact the Administration and City
Garage Departments. The administration budget includes converting the existing part-time
economic development position to full-time. In the Garage, the vacant full time position is
changed to a temporary position. The City will maintain its current complement of 115 (107 FT,
8PT) employees. The FY11-12 Budget includes a 2% increase for all City employees.

The budget presented also includes the Capital Spending Plan for the City for FY11-12 and
projections for the next five years. The operating budget will provide $1,371,810 of annual
revenues to the City’s Capital Program. The remaining funds for the Capital Program will be
provided through City reserve accounts, intergovernmental funds and bond proceeds. The
Capital Budget was presented for approval with the annual operating budget.

“This year’s budget continues a three year trend of reducing discretionary spending while
continuing to make investments for the future. This trend is expected to continue for at least
another two to three years,” stated City Manager David Baird. “I would classify many of the difficult decisions made during the development of this budget as decision that none of us want to make, but make. As difficult as the budget process may be, I am confident in the abilities of City Council, City Management, and all of the City employees to work together to meet the needs of the community. When it is all said and done, the financial condition of the City is very strong and it will continue to be well into the future.”

Councilman Skip Pikus made a motion to accept the FY11-12 Budget with Councilman Glysteen seconding the motion. The FY 11-12 Budget was passed unanimously by City Council.

The complete, detailed FY2011-11 Budget for the City of Milford can be found in the City Council packet at

Other new business voted on by City Council on June 13, 2011 included:

Purchase of a back-up generator for the Wendy’s pump station site. This generator will provide sufficient electric power to run the pumps and possible future grinder, in the event of a local power interruption, thus allowing the City to continue to provide sewer service. City Manager David Baird recommended award of the contract to First State Electric Co. of New Castle, for $28,495.00.

A request for proposals for long term maintenance on the City’s water towers was advertised with three proposals received. City Engineer Mark Mallamo recommended the City enter into a 10 year contract with Southern Corrosion, Inc., for an annual fee of $52,647.00 and a total ten year cost of $526,470.00.

Adoption of Resolution 2011 was brought before the Council for the acceptance of public improvements of Hearthstone Manor Phase I & II. City Manager David Baird recommended the City of Milford accepts the streets, sewer and water systems as detailed above for operation and maintenance.

Approval of RFP/Evaluation Services for 2012 City of Milford Property Assessment. The City of Milford is under statutory requirement to do an assessment of its properties every 10 years under the City of Milford charter. Council unanimously accepted a motion to table the decision of which assessment firm to use in order to examine future possibilities.

City Council voted on the tax status of Parcel #3-30-11.00-056.00, Mr. Wiggles LLC., formally known as the McColley farm. The tax exempt status of the property changed due to the change in ownership in 2010 and a request by the new owners was made to reinstate the exempt status, which must be approved by City Council. A motion was made and accepted to delay action on this business.