4 Hour Manhunt Nets Robbery Suspect


Delaware State Police have arrested a 37 year old Frederica Delaware man after responding to a burglary in progress complaint on the 8300 block of Shawnee Road Milford.

The investigation revealed the 53 year old victim on Wednesday June 15th also reported a burglary to his barn and theft of numerous scrap metal items. The victim apparently familiar with the method utilized by thieves to exchange scrap metal for money went to Fitzgerald’s Salvage Yard Lincoln Delaware to search for his property. The victim discovered 400 rusted wrenches, 10 steel shoe repair tools, aluminum scales, scrap aluminum, cooper wire spools and other miscellaneous scrap metal items were sold in exchange for cash. It was later learned that Rahsaan Jones sold these items and signed his name signifying the property belonged to him.

Delaware State Troopers learned the 53 year old Lincoln man was visiting his barn Thursday morning when he observed a Mazda Protégé parked at the rear of his barn. The 53 year old victim accompanied by his son a 28 year old Greenwood man noticed the rear door to the barn was open. The 53 year old victim entered the barn and observed Rahsaan K. Jones attempting to steal items. (The victim did not know the suspect. Jones was identified later in the investigation.)

The victims confronted Jones and advised him they had contacted the police. Jones immediately entered his car and attempted to flee and during the process crashed into the victim’s Toyota truck. The truck sustained minor damage.

The younger of the two victims placed a metal rod through the steering column of Jones vehicle in an attempt to stop him from fleeing. The victim was drug a short distance before he let go of Jones’ vehicle. The victim did not require medical treatment.

During the same attempt to flee Jones drove over the 53 year old victim’s foot who suffered minor lacerations to the top of his foot and achilles. The victim also did not require medical treatment.

Jones in a further attempt to flee drove his vehicle onto a pile of scrap metal and became stuck. Jones exited his vehicle and fled into a nearby wooded area.

Officers from the Milford Police Department, DNREC Division of Fish and Wildlife, Delaware State Police patrol Troopers, Detectives, K-9 and aviation section (Trooper 2 helicopter) assisted in the search for Rahsaan Jones.

Law Enforcement officers searched for nearing 2 hours before abandoning the search. Troop 4 detectives were able to obtain Rahsaan Jones’ names from paperwork located inside his vehicle and prepared arrest warrants.

Around 2:30 pm the Sussex County Emergency Operations Center (911) received a call from a concerned citizen. The concerned citizen spotted Jones in a field near the area where the original incident began.

Delaware State Police returned to Shawnee Road and observed Jones walking in a field near the original incident. Jones upon seeing Troopers fled into the woods and remained there until being advised a K-9 search would commence. Jones exited the woods and was taken into custody without incident.

Delaware State Police detectives charged Jones with Robbery, Burglary, Reckless Endangering, Theft, Falsifying Business records, Possession of a Deadly Weapon during the Commission of a Felony and Resisting Arrest. Jones was arraigned and remanded to the Sussex Correctional Institute on $25,500 secured bond.