Social Media Day Encourages Online Networking Offline

Received from on June, 23, 2011

On Thursday, June 30 Social Media Day will commence all over the world celebrating the new age of communication. Technology has brought us to the advent of social networking where individuals can communicate and collaborate in real time across international borders. Social media is driving the international community through individuals, businesses and governments by creating new ways of conducting personal and professional relationships.

To celebrate this movement Tia Mallard of TLM Business Services will be hosting a social gathering at Abbott’s grill on June 30 at 7pm. This event will be a great networking opportunity for facebookers, tweeters, bloggers and businesses to meet in person with their friends online. Participants will have the chance to meet with those who they conduct business with online face-to-face.

“The purpose of this event will be to strengthen the personal and professional relationships between people who do business online,” commented Tia Mallard. “It is a great way to turn those social networking relationships into something more.”

Social Media Day began last year drawing people from across the globe to local places to collectively meet offline. The influence of social media has been undeniably powerful over the past several years. The world saw revolutions in Egypt and Libya broadcasted throughout the Middle East and the rest of the world through Facebook and Twitter. Locally, we saw tornado victims in Alabama receive aid due to Milfordians setting up social media forums for people to donate time and money.

In the world of business and politics social media has helped maintain accountability for customers and constituents. Downtown Milford Inc., Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford and the City of Milford use facebook, twitter and skype to market the town of Milford to locals and tourists from surrounding states.

The Social Media Day event will educate people about the purpose of social media in our community. Social Media is not a replacement for personal interaction but a catalyst for creating greater personal and professional connections. Relationships in business and public life will never be fully replaced by social media but enhanced by their ability to reach multiple people through multiple mediums. By meeting with online connections in a public venue Social Media Day promotes how social media brings people and ideas together.

“I want to show people that social media is not something to be afraid of, but it is something to be respected,” stated Tia Mallard.

Social media is critical to the new age of marketing, advertising and communicating with others. Not only the international marketplace but the local economy is evolving along with social media. It has given rise to the success of many local non-profits, businesses and individuals in Milford and around the world. Social media has been a huge part of promoting our town and its ability to push forward during economic difficulties.

At 7pm on Thursday, June 30 individuals will be gathering at Abbott’s Grill to celebrate the advancement of social media and strengthen personal and professional social networking connections offline; join the international celebration.