Council Votes on Hearthstone, Impact Fees, Property Assessments

Olivia “Libby” Schmidt was recognized by Council for her leadership serving in the Women of the Moose

The first order of business during the Milford City Council Meeting on Monday, June 27 was a proclamation recognizing Olivia “Libby” Schmidt. Olivia Schmidt is a life member of the Women of the Moose and earned the Academy Degree in 1976, College Degree in 1978 and Star Degree in 1980. During the 1986-1987 year, Olivia Schmidt was the Deputy Grand Regent for MD-DE-DC, served on the College of Regents Board for 1991-1993 and was President of the College Board in 1997-1998. Olivia was a Grand Council Member in 1999-2001 and has been the Gimme Five Co-Chairman since 2007. Mrs. Schmidt served as a Deputy Regional Manager and as Chapter Analyst for MD-DE-DC and holds membership in Milford, Delaware Chapter 1949. The Mayor and City Council honored Olivia Schmidt in recognition of these achievements and most notably, her designation as Grand Regent for the Years 2010-2011.

Under unfinished business Council adopted Resolution 2011-8/Hearthstone Manor/Acceptance of Public Improvements. The acceptance of the resolution provided that the streets, easements and operational public utilities, such as streets, sewer, water and electric utilities, of the Hearthstone Manor Subdivision be dedicated for public use into the City of Milford’s Street System and Public Utility System and that the City of Milford shall assume responsibility for the future maintenance and repair of those utilities.
Approval of RFP/Evaluation Services /2010 City of Milford Property Assessment was tabled by a unanimous vote until a future session. The project includes a complete physical reappraisal of all taxable real estate, and exempt real estate within the corporate limits of the City of Milford, Delaware, as of January 1, 2012, in accordance with Delaware General Statutes 12-62, The reappraisal will include all taxable real estate, land, buildings and improvements, all exempt real estate, land, buildings and improvements and all public utility land and buildings. The purpose of performing revaluations is to ensure that real property is assessed at a fair estimate of market value thereby ensuring a fair and equitable distribution of the tax burden for all property owners. On June 27 Milford City Council was presented again with a proposal from Tyler Technologies in the amount of $261,200. Councilman Pikus asked that the decision to accept the bid be tabled until a representative from Tyler Technologies came to the Council to answer questions about the process. This motion was accepted unanimously.

Milford Community Parade Inc. requested Council’s approval for the community parade to be held Wednesday evening, October 19,2011, with a kick-off time of 6:30 pm. Council unanimously accepted the request for the annual event.

There were four separate ordinances brought before Council to extend the waiver of impact fees for sewer, water, electrical standards and taxation for another year. The fees were set to expire on June 30, 2011 and under these ordinances would be extended until June 30, 2012. Councilman Grier made a motion to accept the adoption of each ordinance. All members of Council except Councilman Glysteen voted to approve the extension. Mr. Glysteen stated that “the taxpayers’ money could be put to better use.”

After the Meeting was adjourned City Council met for a workshop on the proposal for the City of Milford Ward Redistricting. City Manager David Baird presented council with a proposal for ward realignment based on the population breakdown of the city. Minimal changes have been made from the existing ward boundaries to the new proposed boundaries. Council will have a chance to review this proposal and will vote on its acceptance at the end of summer.