Pet Boutique Expands Services to Offer Grooming

Janice Ervin grooming one of her newest friends

Opening its doors just this past April, the downtown store Fur~Baby Boutique has decided to expand their services for the pet lover community by offering grooming and spa treatments for both cats and dogs. Originally opened as a way to support local rescue, foster and adoption organizations through the sale of unique pet items and accessories, owner Sherry Shaffer saw a need for these services among the Milford pet community.

“When I first opened the store I was not going to have grooming, but my customers kept asking me to do it so I decided to find a professional groomer that held the same ideals as the store by using all natural and eco-friendly products, as well as a love and understanding for all fur~babies,” commented Ms. Shaffer.

Fur-Baby Boutique has partnered with La Bella Bete Grooming Salon opening soon in Lewes to offer a pleasant grooming experience for both cats and dogs. Groomer Janice Ervin,owner of La Belle Bete Grooming Salon will be taking appointments for pets Tuesdays through Thursdays from 11 am – 4:00 pm at Fur-Baby Boutique.

Three years ago, Janice left the bustle of Washington DC for a calmer life at the Delaware shore. She attended the Virginia School of Pet Grooming and became certified as an all breeds dog and cat groomer. The Virginia School of Pet Grooming has been listed in Washington Magazine as the number one facility in the Washington area for grooming study, and voted ‘Best Pet Care Facility in Northern Virginia for the Manassas Park and the City of Manassas areas by the Washingtonian Magazine for 2008. Janice’s studies included accurate grooming measures for felines as well as a wide variety of canine pedigrees with emphasis on the most popular breeds (Cocker Spaniels, Poodles, Bichon Frises, West Highland White Terriers, Malteses, and Yorkshire Terriers).

Janice sees grooming as an opportunity to serve, while connecting with the innocent, forgiving, vulnerable hearts of animals. As such, she firmly believes that animal safety and superior treatment through patience, love, kindness and dedication are necessary qualities for a groomer. Until March of this year, she groomed cats and dogs at Yappies Cuttery in Manassas Virginia. She is now bringing her special blend of warmth and service to the pets in Sussex County.

Cats and dogs at the new Fur-Baby Boutique Spa will be groomed with items that are completely biodegradable, nontoxic, alternative to pesticide and cruelty-free. They will be using a wide range of specialty shampoos, skin and coat conditioners, fur optimizers, medicated shampoos as well as flea dips and colognes. Spa days for pets start at $35 and will include a full brushing, ears cleaned, nails trimmed, bathing, teeth cleaned, feathers trimmed, blow dry and cologne spray finish, as well as other services. For owners who want to pamper their pet even more, “peticures” for $15 are offered to sooth paws,trim, and polish nails.

To make appointments and for the full list of services offered for cat or dog grooming at Fur-Baby Boutique, individuals can call the store at 302-725-5078 or visit the store at 8 South Walnut Street. More information can be found on Facebook and their website