Bayhealth Dedicates Edward F Quinn III MD Campus

Bayhealth Foundation President Paul Lakeman, Kristin Quinn, Ned Quinn, and Bayhealth President & CEO Terry Murphy. Pictured in the front row is Audrey Quinn, daughter of Kristin and Ned Quinn.


Released by Bayhealth Medical Center

He dedicated his entire career towards helping patients and serving the community. Now, his legacy will be preserved forever at Bayhealth Medical Center.

Recently, Bayhealth Medical Center dedicated the Edward F. Quinn III MD Campus at 800 North Dupont Boulevard in Milford. The new facility is named for the late Edward F. Quinn III, MD, an orthopaedic surgeon who first established his practice at this site more than 30 years ago. Currently, the Edward F. Quinn III MD Campus houses the Bayhealth Medical Group Cardiology Consultants, Bayhealth Cardiac Diagnostic Center – Milford, and a variety of other doctors’ offices.

“Dr. Quinn served many generations of patients over the years and truly made a difference for those patients and their families,” said Bayhealth Foundation President Paul Lakeman. “Even after Dr. Quinn retired, he dedicated himself to serving our community.”

Dr. Quinn’s son, Ned Quinn, remembers his father’s sense of humor, optimistic outlook, love for the medical profession, and dedication to the people of the greater Milford community. Dr. Quinn’s passion for service will be preserved on the site that now bears his name.

“On the land where my father first established his medical practice more than 30 years ago – in the place where he gave so much of his sweat, skill, and soul – it will be up to others to bear the torch of providing exceptional medical care to a growing community that both needs and deserves it,” said Mr. Quinn.