Madi Dodge Recycles to Stop Diabetes


Scott Fitzgerald, Wendy Dodge and Madi standing outside Fitzgerald's before donating their cand for the new programMadison “Madi” Dodge and Scott Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald’s Salvage and Recycling have created a unique partnership to help stop Diabetes. They have come up with a fundraiser named “Together we CAN STOP Diabetes” (CAN being a play on words connecting recycling to “STOP diabetes” which is the Diabetes Association’s current promo). The partnership aims to collect cans to turn into funds for diabetes research and awareness while helping to clean up the local environment.

Madi has just returned home after 6 months of touring the country as National Youth Advocate for American Diabetes Association (ADA). During that time she had the chance to visit Washington D.C., Florida, California, Illinois and Washington State. ADA announced Madi as the Association’s 2011 National Youth Advocate back in January of this year. Now at the age of 15, Madison was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the early age of 5 and has been raising awareness for the disease ever since. As National Youth Advocate for the ADA, Madi has traveled around the United States encouraging individuals to support and become active in the fight against diabetes.

Upon her return home, Madi decided to develop a unique program to raise money for diabetes research while helping to save the environment. Partnering with Fitzgerald Salvage and Recycling, the fundraiser takes recycled cans from individuals who turn them in for a profit and donates money to the American Diabetes Association. When the public brings aluminum cans to Fitzgerald Salvage and Recycling and mentions “Madison’s Prayer Diabetes Walk Team” or “Madi Dodge” Fitzgerald’s generously donates 2 cents per pound to help stop diabetes. Participants may also donate their full can recycling proceeds to help stop the diabetes epidemic with Fitzgerald’s still donating 2 cents per pound.

Madi’s idea for the fundraiser began with her own effort in raising money for diabetes research and awareness.

“I used to collect cans myself, turn them in to be recycled and then send that money to the ADA,” said Madi. “I wanted to expand my effort to include the whole community so we could raise more money. I am hoping through this program I can encourage people to raise money for diabetes but also to recycle.”

Madi has been an active volunteer with ADA for the last 10 years, volunteering in the national Step Out Program and organizing many local fundraisers. She has coordinated a walk team called “Madi’s Prayer”, Skate for the Cure and Dance for Diabetes. She is also a forum moderator on Planet D, a support message board for children and teens on the Association’s website.

This fundraising partnership with Fitzgerald’s is another opportunity for Madi to help her local community understand the disease and raise funds so that others may not have to know the hardships of diabetes in the future. From an early age Madi has had the desire to stop the disease and make it easy as possible for others to live with it.

For those interested in contributing to Madi’s effort against diabetes, donations of cans may be delivered to Fitzgerald’s Salvage and Recycling located at 17115 Fitzgeralds Rd. Lincoln, DE 19960. They are open Monday-Friday: 8:00-4:00 and Saturday: 8:00-12:00. To find out more information on Madi’s fundraising efforts visit her Facebook page at!/MadisonsPrayer.