Residents Celebrate Social Media Day


On Thursday, June 30 residents from the Milford community met at Abbott’s Grill to discuss social media and its advantages for business, personal life and news and information gathering. The get-together was a part of the larger international movement known as Social Media Day which was celebrated in 6 continents according to, a site that celebrates the innovation of social media and its multiple uses.

Tia Mallard of TLM Business Services hosted the event to help local social media users meet their cyber “friends” from Facebook, twitter and several other social websites in a public forum.

“I feel the event was a great way for people to meet business and personal connections which they have until now only met online,” commented Tia Mallard. “I would really like to improve the way that this community views and uses social networking and social media sites in the future.”

Mrs. Mallard confesses that most of the hesitation about social media is simply a lack of education about its advantages. With the help of social media a new age of marketing, advertising and communicating with others has developed. It has given rise to the success of many local non-profits, businesses and ideas. We have seen tornado victims in Alabama receive aid due to Milfordians setting up social media forums for people to donate their time and money. Downtown Milford Inc., Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford and the City of Milford also have used facebook, twitter and skype to market the town of Milford to locals and tourists from surrounding states.

The future of social media is here.