Officers Offer Tips to Minimize Vehicle Theft


Summer is here and unfortunately the nice weather sometimes brings with it a rise in crime to our community. Our city has recently seen a rash of thefts from vehicles throughout Milford. We ask that you take steps to minimize chances of becoming a victim.

1) Lock your doors. Statistically, the unlocked vehicle is always the first choice for a thief to enter. Even if you’re at your residence or just running into a store, lock your doors.
2) Remove or conceal any enticing property. Some of the common targets are GPS units, cell phones, laptops, ipods, etc. Another surprising target is loose change in cup holders. It takes some victims several weeks to even notice their change is missing and that someone has entered their vehicle.
3) Park near lighted areas. When parking in large lots, if you can’t park near the entrance, locate as close to security lights as possible. This includes your residence, if you have motion lights be sure they are positioned toward your vehicle.
4) Report suspicious activity. If you see someone around a vehicle whether near your residence or on the street that is acting suspiciously, contact Milford P.D. immediately. This may assist in current and future investigations.

We hope that you find these steps useful and when followed, reduce crime in our city.

Pfc. Joey Melvin
Community Policing Unit
Milford Police Dept.