Dr. D’Antonia Debunked Notion of Midlife Crisis


Life Skills Lecture Series being held at Delaware Hospice

Beginning in August, Delaware Hospice’s Family Support Center will offer a Life Skills Lecture Series to the public. Each month, Dr. Angela D’Antonia, professional speaker and educator, will present lectures on topics related to personal and professional development when confronted with life-changing events. Dr. D’Antonia teaches Psychology at Wesley College in Delaware and is currently teaching a life span course that examines physical, emotional, physiological and social changes throughout the life cycle from birth to death from a developmental perspective. She has taught full-time with the college for 4 years and worked at the Delaware Hospice for 8 years before she began teaching.

Life Skills relates to how to not only survive changes, but actually thrive through those changes in life. The sessions will include lecture-style teaching, hand-outs, and an opportunity for group discussion. All are welcome including professionals and members of the community.

“Raising awareness of normative life transitional changes of growth and decline is very helpful,” commented Dr. Antonia. “It will help individuals to realize that they are normal events and help them to focus on positive aspects of their lives”

The first lecture on “The Myth of Midlife Crisis,” delivered by Dr. Angela M. D’Antonia, will be held on Thursday, August 18th, from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m., at the Delaware Hospice Center in Milford. The notion of “midlife crisis” has been discussed for hundreds of years. References to this phase of life, often wrought with distress and upheaval, can be found in literature, film and psychological theories. Dr. D’Antonia investigates if there is any evidence that such a phenomenon truly exists.

“The notion of the Mislife Crisis is very interesting in pop culture,” stated Dr. D’Antonia. “The word crisis conjures some negative aspect to the experience and makes it seem as some tumultuous event. There is a period of change but once we recognize this we can create a positive view to manage it.”

In this session, discussion will focus on what is meant by a “midlife crisis,” the history of its development and popularization and evidence for its occurrence. Participants will learn ways to recognize multidimensional changes that naturally occur throughout one’s life, identify factors that contribute to the difficulty people may experience as they age and develop healthy coping strategies to better manage life’s transitions.

Dr. D’Antonia hopes that this session will help individuals learn about midlife changes through research and leave them with a feeling that there are many positive elements about these changes. She hopes the session will be helpful is discouraging the “doom and gloom” hysteria about midlife changes.

To register or learn more about the Life Skills Lecture Series or other Family Support Center activities contact Vicki Costa, Associate Director of the Family Support Center, at 302-856-7717, ext. 1129, or vcosta@delawarehospice.org.