Milford FFA Chapter Shines at State Fair

Back row: Ambre Paquette, Adam Bruns, Brandi Paquette. Middle row: Kelly Twigg, Wendy Hill, Bryce Kenton, Jennifer Flecter, Lyndsey Senn, Joycelynn Johnson. Front row: Casidhe Bruns, Morgan Kersey, Savana Decarlo, Nancy Wilson, Cameron Griffith.

By Scott Haldeman

For ten days every summer, Harrington hosts the Delaware State Fair. In addition to the rides, food, and concerts, hundreds of FFA members head to the fair to compete in various competitions. A group of over 30 students and 4 advisors represented the Milford FFA Chapter this year at the State Fair. The students compete in Career Development Events (CDEs), show livestock, and enter various entries such as vegetables, grains, and other projects. As a chapter, the students worked all summer to enter 4 chapter displays as well. The chapter did an outstanding job receiving many awards for their hard work over the past several months.

FFA members from Milford competed in many CDE’s including, Agriculture mechanics, Agriscience Fair, Agronomy, Dairy Judging, Forestry, Horse Judging, Livestock Judging, Poultry Judging, and Tractor Driving. Poultry, mechanics, and forestry competitions were held off site back in May and June.

The poultry judging team was made up of Savana Decarlo, Nancy Wilson, Adam Bruns, and Morgan Kersey. They had to judge classes of cook and uncooked poultry items, give oral reasons, and a team activity. Individually, Savanna placed 1st, Nancy 3rd, Adam placed 8th. The team placed 1st.

The Agriculture mechanics placed 2nd in the state. The team was comprised of Cameron Griffith, Danielle Lewis, Bryce Kenton, and Matt Soden. The team had to troubleshoot an engine, weld, and take a written test.

Forestry CDE was held at Redden State Forest where the students had to identify trees, tee disorders, insects and forestry equipment. They also had to measure tree volume and walk through a compass activity. The team placed 2nd and was comprised of Mikaela Hermstedt, Michael Skivers, and Rochelle Sizemore. Rochelle placed 1st while Mikaela and Michael placed 5th and 6th individually.

Agriscience Fair participates were 2 teams of Casidhe Bruns/Danielle Dean and Bryce Kenton/Lyndsey Senn, and an individual Mikaela Hermstedt. They worked throughout the summer on an agriscience research project and presented them at the fair. The team of Kenton and Senn placed 1st while Bruns and Dean placed 2nd as well as Hermstedt.

The agronomy team was made up of Kaelin Corr, Karri Corr, Samantha Harris, and Shannon Hollingsworth. The team had to identify weeds, seeds, insects, and judge several grains as well as take a written test. The team placed 3rd. Kaelin placed 3rd and Shannon placed 4th individually.

The dairy judging team had to judge 5 classes of cows, give oral reasons (why placing the class in a certain order) on one class, as well as a team activity. The team placed 4th in the state and was made up of Brandi Paquette, Carry Walls and Clay Shirey. Brandi placed 6th individually as well. Milford also had two members in the dairy showmanship competition: Courtney Demora 10th and Jennifer Fletcher 14th.

The horse judging team was made up of Dana Dittoe, Ambre Paquette, and Lyndsey Senn. They had to judge several classes of horses as well as oral reasons and written test. The team placed 3rd. Lyndsey placed 3rd individually.

The livestock judging team had to judge various classes of beef, goat, swine, and sheep. In addition, they had to give 2 sets of oral reasons and a team activity. The team placed 1st and was comprised of Joycelynn Johnson, Wendy Hill, Kelly Twigg, and Casidhe Bruns. Joycelynn placed 1st, Wendy placed 3rd, and Kelly placed 6th individually.

Tractor driving CDE individuals had to travel through a course, back up a two wheel and a four wheel wagon in addition to identify parts and a written test. Chris Blessing placed 3rd.

In addition to the CDEs, Milford FFA did extremely well in the displays and entries, which were on display all week in the 4-H/FFA building. The chapter Landscape display placed 2nd, Horticulture display placed 2nd, and Educational display placed 3rd. In terms of entries, Milford received 42 ribbons (students placing 1st-6th in various classes such as vegetables, woodworking projects, metal work, etc.).

Milford FFA has many members that spend countless hours working with show animals for the fair. They start way back in April working with sheep and pigs in preparation for all the shows throughout the week of the fair. The following students showed pigs: Destiny Sivels, Nancy Wilson, Morgan Kersey, Savana Decarlo, Libby Seaman, Joycelynn Johnson, Brandi Paquette, Bryce Kenton, and Casidhe Bruns. All pigs placed 2nd through 10th in their classes. The following students showed market lambs: Libby Seaman, Joycelynn Johnson, Lyndsey Senn, Brandi Paquette, and Ambre Paquette. All lambs placed 4th through 9th in their classes. Finally, the following students showed purebred cheviot sheep: Kelly Twigg, Casidhe Bruns, Danielle Dean, Jennifer Fletcher, Jowellene Pacarro. All sheep placed 2nd through 9th in their classes.

The first placed teams travels to Nationals in Indianapolis, Indiana in October, while the second placed teams travel to the Big E in Springfield, Massachusetts in September. The Milford FFA chapter will be taking 18 members to Nationals in Indianapolis and 16 members to regional competition in Massachusetts to represent the state of Delaware! The Milford FFA advisors are Judith Bruns, Scott Haldeman, Jack Newark, and Chris Stahl.