City Revaluation Process Has Started


The City of Milford will be conducting reappraisals of all properties located in Milford during the next few months. The project includes a complete physical reappraisal of all taxable real estate and exempt real estate within the corporate limits of the City of Milford, Delaware, as of January 1, 2012, in accordance with Delaware General Statutes 12-62.

The reappraisal will include all taxable real estate, land, buildings and improvements, all exempt real estate, land, buildings and improvements and all public utility land and buildings. The purpose of performing revaluations is to ensure that real property is assessed at a fair estimate of market value thereby ensuring a fair and equitable distribution of the tax burden for all property owners.

Tyler Technologies’ CLT Appraisal Services will conduct a revaluation of all 5,200 properties beginning this month and continue through May 2012. All taxpayers should have received a brochure in the mail detailing the revaluation process and information regarding when they will be in the area.

Data collectors will be visiting properties and making assessments based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, fireplaces, types of heating and cooling systems, date of construction, basement type, general construction and materials and physical condition of the interior and exterior. Owners and occupants are not obligated to allow data collectors to enter the property but interior information will help in making accurate appraisals. All data collectors will carry identification cards and police will be notified in advance to which streets data collectors will be working. Officials advise residents to not admit anyone onto properties without proper identification.

If no one is home at the property, data collectors will complete an exterior inspection using previous data collected as a guideline. Owners may also request an appointment for the interior inspection.

Information about new values will be mailed to all owners beginning in February 2012. The new values will be used to calculate new tax bills beginning in the 2012 tax year. The City reaffirms in a general information brochure mailed to Milford residents that “by itself, a revaluation is revenue neutral, although it will cause tax burden shifts between properties. Some owners will see increases while others will see decreases. However, the total amount of taxes collected will depend upon the City budget.”

If a property owner would like to appeal the results of the revaluation they can request a formal appeal with the City of Milford Assessor’s Office by April 30, 2012. For additional information, questions and the key revaluation dates contact CLT at 302-424-3712, ext. 314.