Council Holds Public Hearings for Minor Subdivisions


The Milford City Council monthly meeting on Monday, August 22 began with two public hearings. The first was presented by Robert Nash Associates on behalf of G. Walter and Janet R. Swain requesting the Final/Minor Subdivision of one parcel into two parcels (separating auto shop from sports complex) in a C-3 District; site located at 5877 S. Rehoboth Boulevard, Milford, Delaware; Tax Parcel 3-30-11.00-42.00; Area of Petition .359 +/- Acres (7.656 +/- Total Acres) . This parcel of land is more commonly known as the Putt-A-Rosa on Rehoboth Boulevard. The Council voted 7-0 to accept the motion to separate the two parcels, with Councilman Brooks absent.

The second public hearing was presented by the City of Milford requesting the Final/Minor Subdivision of one parcel into three parcels (convenience store with gas pumps, car wash and water tower) in a C-3 District; site located at 902North DuPont Boulevard, Milford, Delaware; Tax Parcel MD-16-174.14-01-05.00; Area of Petition3.995 +/- Acres. This parcel of land is more commonly known as the locations of Wawa, Duck-In Car Wash and the City of Milford Water Tower. Council voted to accept the subdivision 6-0, with Councilman Grier abstaining and Councilman Brooks absent.

Under Unfinished business Mayor Rogers appointed Keri Fry to fill the vacant Planning Commission Seat. The Planning Commission consists of nine members to be appointed by the Council. The term of each is three years. Keri Fry was unanimously accepted by the Council as the newest member of the Planning Commission.

Under new business Council unanimously accepted Resolution 2011-10, adopting the Kent County Mitigation Plan. The Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 requires that local government develop and adopt natural hazard mitigation plans in order to receive certain federal assistance. A local Hazard Mitigation Advisory Committee comprised of county governmental departments, municipal council members, the business community, nonprofit organization, and citizens working in Kent County of the State of Delaware, convened in order to study the City of Milford’s risks from, and vulnerabilities to natural, technological and terrorism and to make recommendations on mitigating the effects of such hazards on the city.

City Manager David Baird recommended City Council to authorize the transfer of $40,000 for the purpose of providing recycling containers to all single family residential trash customers in the City of Milford. The transfer of funds was from the Solid Waste Fund Balance account to the Solid Waste Materials & Supplies account. City Council unanimously approved the transfer of funds. Providing recycling containers to all residential trash customers is necessary in order for the City of Milford to be compliant with Delaware’s new recycling law, Senate Bill No. 234.

City Council held two workshops that finished the evening. The first was an Amendment to City of Milford Code, Chapter 204, Taxation/Senior Citizen Relief which proposed a senior tax exemption. The proposal would increase the amount of the exemption from $20,000 to $40,000 as well as limit the exemption so that it would not exceed 50% of the taxable assessment of the property. The current income requirements would remain the same. In 2011, a total of 119 property owners qualified for the $92.00 exemption which resulted in a total exemption amount of $10,948 citywide.

The second workshop was Resolution 2011-11 /Washington Street Water Plant. This resolution looked at borrowing funds to demolish and reconstruct the Washington Street Plant and Office Building. The City Council has been advised that up to $3,700,000 is required to finance the improvements associated with the demolition and reconstruction of the Washington Street Water Plant and the office building located on the same site.

The next City Council Meeting will be held on Monday, September 12 at City Hall at 7pm.