MHS Volleyball Gets Set for First Season


Coaches Sonya Eaglesten and Sean Snyder have been preparing the girls at Milford Senior High School for their first ever volleyball season. Training and practice has begun as the coaches not only begin to choose a varsity team but also develop a volleyball program that can be built on over the next few years.

Last October, students led by Sonya Eaglesten petitioned the Milford School Board for the creation of a girls’ volleyball team for the 2011 Fall Season. During the school year last spring Sonya held interest meetings and open gyms which both received overwhelming support from students, teachers and parents. Milford will be the last school in the Northern Henlopen Conference to develop a girls’ volleyball program. There are only two other schools in the entire Henlopen District, North and South, that do not have a volleyball team at this time.

After hearing the great support from the community, the Milford School Board decided to take a vote on the matter. The Board voted unanimously to approve the start of a girls’ volleyball team beginning in the 2011 season. The first week of practice has seen that continued support as over 40 girls each day have shown up to play.

“We are very excited to see this many girls come out day after day,” commented Coach Eaglesten. “The motivation is there and they are learning very quickly. All of them are working extremely hard.”

The challenges for this program will be felt by the coaches, players and team as a whole as they feel their way through the first season, together. There are many different skill levels that the coaches will be working with, from veteran players to individuals who have never played the sport before.

Two players who will be a great addition to the team are Julianna Mitzel and Shannon Hollingsworth. Both of these girls played together for years at Christian Tabernacle Academy and have the experience to help their teammates develop the necessary skills to become a great team.

“I have played volleyball for seven years,” stated Shannon. “I love the sport and I am glad someone is taking the initiative to start this program.” Shannon and Julianna both are looking forward to watching their teammates build the skills and confidence to play at a competitive level. “It is very important that they learn how to play together as a team,” stated Julianna.

Coach Sean Snyder recognizes that there is real talent on the team and is confident he will see several wins over the first season. “The biggest thing is that they all have fun,” commented Coach Snyder “but I think they will be competitive and win some games despite being a new team.”

The girls’ first match on Monday, September 12 against Woodbridge will be a good test for the Milford team. Woodbridge began their girls’ volleyball program last year and should be a team where Milford can gauge their immediate progress. The next few weeks will be spent developing the basics of pass, set, spike and putting together a competitive varsity team.

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