Delaware State Police Prepare for Hurricane Irene


Delaware State Police Press Release

Delaware State Police in preparation for Hurricane Irene have initiated operational plans and have placed all Troopers on a standby alert status ready to respond. Troopers will be prepositionedand deployed to the areas where they will be needed based on the final projected path of the Hurricane.

Additional Troopers will supplement operations in Sussex County to assist with the mandatory evacuations and providing additional patrols to protect property that has been evacuated. Troopers will also be providingsecurity to the designated statewide shelters.

Troopers will be assisted by our Delaware National Guard partners and will have specialized National Guard vehicles and personnel prepositioned throughout the State to provide better access to areas that would be impassableby other means.

The Delaware State Police Aviation Section and Delaware State Police Maritime Unit will be ready to respond to conduct post hurricane search and rescue operations and assist in recovery efforts.

Troopers strongly encourage motorists to refrain from driving during this hurricane event due to the potential of high winds, heavy rain, limited visibility, and flooding, which make driving conditions treacherous.

The Delaware State Police would like to remind the public to utilize 911 only during true emergencies that would require a response by a public safety agency. Information pertaining to Hurricane Irene preparedness andrelated information can be obtained by contacting the Delaware Helpline at 800-464-4357 or DEMA at 302-659-2203. Information is also available via internet at