Route 1 and 30/Wilkins Road Intersection To Close


Released from DelDOT on Tuesday, September 6.

DelDOT Making Interim Improvements To Nearby Crossovers

The Department of Transportation (DelDOT) today announced that in response to concerns from area residents, legislators, and other motorists about the intersection of Route 1 and 30/Wilkins Road just south of Milford that it will close the intersection and make interim improvements to nearby crossovers to improve the overall safety of the area. These changes will be made within the next six to eight weeks.

DelDOT Secretary Shailen Bhatt notes, “DelDOT is acting in response to continuing problems with crashes and fatalities at this intersection. We have met with motorists, residents, emergency responders and legislators to develop the most prudent course of action.”

Improvements will include:

• The complete closure of the Routes 1 and 30/Wilkins Road Crossover. The existing pavement will be removed, thus prohibiting traffic from utilizing the crossover. Motorists will be able to make right turns from Wilkins Road and Cedar Neck Road onto and off of Route 1. Motorists will not be able to make left turns from Wilkins Road or Cedar Neck Road onto and off of Route 1. Motorists will also not be able to go straight across Route 1 eastbound or westbound.

• Modifications to the Johnson Road Crossover. In order not to relocate the current safety issue to another intersection, the crossover at Johnson Road will be modified so that motorists can only make right turns from Johnson Road onto and off of Route 1. Motorists will still be able to make left turns from northbound Route 1 onto westbound Johnson Rd. Motorists will not be able to make left turns from eastbound Johnson Rd onto northbound Route 1. These interim modifications will be made within the next couple months, but will then be permanently implemented during the construction of the grade separation project coming next year.

• Modifications at other nearby Crossovers. The first crossover to the north of Wilkins Road on Route 1 will be removed as it is not adequate to accommodate northbound vehicles wishing to make a u-turn. Northbound Route 1 traffic wishing to make a u-turn should use the existing crossover near Beaver Dam Road and Bucks Road.

• Updated Signage. Signs will be placed along northbound Route 30 and along northbound Rehoboth Boulevard to encourage motorists to continue north along Rehoboth Boulevard and turn right onto Route 36/Cedar Beach Road to access northbound Route 1 via the existing overpass.

DelDOT has a fully designed project which will provide for a grade separated interchange to be built at this intersection beginning spring/summer 2012. The interchange is expected to be completed by summer 2014.

For further information, please contact the Office of Public Relations at (302) 760-2080 or visit our website at