Bayhealth Announces Employees of the Quarter


Released by Bayhealth Medical Center

Bayhealth Medical Center has announced its Employees of the Quarter for the Second Quarter of 2011. Food Services Employee Marrietta Scott-Simons has earned Employee of the Quarter for Bayhealth-Milford Memorial Hospital.

Each Quarter, Bayhealth recognizes employees who have demonstrated outstanding service, team work, and commitment to patient care. The winner receives a plaque, a $100 gift card to a local restaurant, and a special Employee of the Quarter Parking Spot. Each Employee of the Quarter also becomes one of the finalists for Bayhealth Employee of the Year.

In 2010, Marrietta Scott-Simons capped off a 20 year career at Kraft Foods by exiting into a comfortable retirement in Harrington with her German Shepherd Simo and her husband (whom she affectionately calls “husband”). At the tender age of 55, Ms. Marrietta was living the American Dream: retired, free to do whatever she wished, and no longer captive to the blaring alarm clock that rattled her into consciousness before the break of dawn.

But it wasn’t in Ms. Marrietta’s DNA to idly rock away into the sunset on the chair of her front porch. In retirement, she still set the alarm for 5 a.m., still rose dutifully to water the plants in her garden, still absent-mindedly clicked through the channels of daytime television —and still found too much time on her hands.

Ms. Marrietta was suffering from C.R.B. — Chronic Retirement Boredom — and she was able to self-prescribe the RX that would cure her. She would go back to work at Bayhealth-Milford Memorial Hospital.

“We feel very blessed that Ms. Marrietta came out of retirement to work for us at Bayhealth Medical Center. Kraft Foods’ loss is our gain,” said Bayhealth – Milford Memorial Hospital Food Services Office Manager Sandi Watson.

According to Watson, Ms. Marrietta’s love for her work is manifested in her vibrant and cheery personality. She radiates charm on the tray line assembling meals, in the cafeteria serving out slices of pizza, in the patient rooms greeting patients and their family members. Ms. Marrietta’s greeting warms others like New England Clam Chowder on a frozen January day. She is loyal and dedicated and is a role model for other employees throughout the hospital.

“She is very meticulous in performing all of her duties and makes sure that everything is done decent and in order. When she is done with her work, she jumps in to help others. Her team spirit is awesome,” said Watson.

Ms. Marrietta sets an example by routinely going above & beyond the call of duty.

“When one or our overnight employees (became ill) and left behind a stack of pots and pans, (Ms. Marrietta) took it upon herself to clean up the entire dish room area early in the morning before having to get on line to start serving the patient trays. She did this without anybody having to ask her,” Watson said.

For her selfless and positive attitude, for her team approach and for her many sacrifices, Marrietta Scott-Simons earns the Employee of the Quarter for Bayhealth – Milford Memorial Hospital. It’s the first of what peers believe will be many awards for Ms. Marrietta, whose love of her work is obvious.

“I’m back to waking up each morning at 2:30 a.m. and getting into the parking lot of the hospital by 5 a.m. even though I don’t have to be there until 6 a.m. I enjoy my co-workers so much, I can’t wait to get back here,” Ms. Marrietta said.

She says she’s grateful for the opportunity to “use her hands” and prepare meals for people. It’s a special talent refined during her two decades at Kraft when she weighed and prepared ingredients for Stovetop Stuffing, cheesecakes and tasty Jell-O gelatin desserts & beverages.

Her appetite for service may, in fact, be the secret recipe for her unparalleled enthusiasm for work and for her disdain for idle time.

“I’m a people person. I love working with people. I love going up to the floors and passing out trays to patients. When I see them smile, I know my work is done,” said Ms. Marrietta.