DelDOT Closing Route 1, 30 Intersection


Milford, DE – On Tuesday, September 6 the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) announced the closure of the intersection of Route 1 and 30 (Wilkins Road) Crossover just south of Milford which will begin in the next few weeks. In a meida release, DelDOT Secretary Shailen Bhatt stated that “DelDOT is acting in response to continuing problems with crashes and fatalities at this intersection. We have met with motorists, residents, emergency responders and legislators to develop the most prudent course of action.”

During the closure, DelDOT will also make interim improvements to nearby roads including Johnson Road and Wilkins Road to prepare the area for an overpass that will connect Wilkins Road and Cedar Neck Road just south of the business 1 exit off Route 1. Construction is said to begin at the end of 2012 and the interchange is expected to be completed by summer 2014.

DelDOT predicts that changes to local roads due to the closure will be made within the next six to eight weeks. According to Jim Satterfield, DelDOT Engineer, this closure has been needed for several years. “DelDOT attempted do perform this closure in 2007 but we received push back from legislators and emergency responders,” stated Mr. Satterfield. “The project to construct an overpass in that area is about to start but the fatalities continue to occur. This time legislators came to us regarding the closure.”

Residents of Milford are pleased that there will be some progress happening to this dangerous intersection but many feel that the closure to the Route 1 and 30 intersection is too little, too late.

Milford resident Jesse Parsley is concerned about the closure of the intersection and how it will affect the surrounding residents in the coming years until the overpass is complete. “[I] wonder if they considered the hundreds of locals that live on the east side of Rt. 1,” commented Mr. Parsley in an email directed to Milford Live news media. “Hopefully, they will not need emergency services. Closing off the intersection will divert those resources and will add to the response times.” Jesse is also concerned with how long the construction will take to be completed and the intersection reopened to public use. “I am glad that they are thinking about this intersection, but closing it off and taking three years to make a permanent fix is a bit much,” stated Mr. Parsley.

Norma Holloway of Lincoln, Delaware welcomes progress being made to the intersection but is concerned about the confusion that may be caused by the closure and the alternate routes that locals will have to travel to reach their destination. “It’s about time!,” commented Ms. Hollaway is an email directed to Milford Live news media. “Only this is only going to cause more confusion for the locals who use that intersection every day. It will be long overdue when they finally apply a permanent fix.”

DelDOT acknowledges that any changes to the area will create inconvenience for motorists and residents but stress that this is an opportunity to change the area for safety reasons. To increase awareness about the changes Tina Shockley, Community Relations Officer for DelDOT, urges residents to “look at the maps provided by DelDOT to be familiar with the new routes.” Maps of alternative routes can be found in the media release by DelDOT on Tuesday, September 6.

In their continuing effort to create safer traffic patterns on Delaware highways, DelDOT will be constructing multiple overpasses in the area between now and the year 2016 including: Route 1, Route 30/Wilkins Road; Route 1, South Federica; Route 1, Little Heaven; Route1, Northeast Front Street and Route 1, Thompsonville Road. For further information on the closure of the intersection of Route 1 and 30 (Wilkins Road) Crossover or the future construction of the overpass connecting Wilkins Road and Cedar Neck Road contact the Delaware Department of Transportation at 800-652-5600 or 302-760-2080.

Changes that can be expected due to the Route 1 and 30 intersection closure will include:

• The complete closure of the Routes 1 and 30/Wilkins Road Crossover. The existing pavement will be removed, thus prohibiting traffic from utilizing the crossover. Motorists will be able to make right turns from Wilkins Road and Cedar Neck Road onto and off of Route 1. Motorists will not be able to make left turns from Wilkins Road or Cedar Neck Road onto and off of Route 1. Motorists will also not be able to go straight across Route 1 eastbound or westbound.

• Modifications to the Johnson Road Crossover. In order not to relocate the current safety issue to another intersection, the crossover at Johnson Road will be modified so that motorists can only make right turns from Johnson Road onto and off of Route 1. Motorists will still be able to make left turns from northbound Route 1 onto westbound Johnson Rd. Motorists will not be able to make left turns from eastbound Johnson Rd onto northbound Route 1. These interim modifications will be made within the next couple months, but will then be permanently implemented during the construction of the grade separation project coming next year.

• Modifications at other nearby Crossovers. The first crossover to the north of Wilkins Road on Route 1 will be removed as it is not adequate to accommodate northbound vehicles wishing to make a u-turn. Northbound Route 1 traffic wishing to make a u-turn should use the existing crossover near Beaver Dam Road and Bucks Road.

• Updated Signage. Signs will be placed along northbound Route 30 and along northbound Rehoboth Boulevard to encourage motorists to continue north along Rehoboth Boulevard and turn right onto Route 36/Cedar Beach Road to access northbound Route 1 via the existing overpass.

For further information, please contact the Office of Public Relations at (302) 760-2080 or visit our website at
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