Lindley Prepares for Girl Scout’s Highest Honor


Milford native Julia Lindley is working diligently to obtain the highest honor among the Girl Scouts of the United States of America and is set to receive the Gold Award in April of 2012. Over the past several years Julia has climbed the ranks of the youth organization by demonstrating leadership through community service.

The three highest awards recognized in the Girl Scouts program are the bronze, silver and gold awards. Based on the age and rank of the individual these awards are presented to girls who exhibit dedication to the public, which is highlighted through a community project. Scouts looking to earn the Gold Award must identify an issue in their community, research the subject, create a project plan and take action.

Julia decided to focus her efforts on the issue of hunger and its presence in the state of Delaware. Working with the Food Bank of Delaware, Julia has been able to identify the surprising amount of individuals in the First State that rely on food assistance programs.

“The most surprising thing I found was that the Food Bank of Delaware assists 17,500 people each week,” commented Julia. “Every year they serve 241,600 people in Delaware. It is a really big number, especially when you think of how small Delaware is.”

To help promote awareness of hunger in Delaware Julia will be holding a “food raiser” on Sunday, September 18 from 2pm to 6pm at the Carlisle Fire Hall in Milford. This benefit will help Julia achieve her Gold Award and generate food donations for individuals who depend on the Food Bank of Delaware for assistance. Participants are asked to bring $20 and a bag of food for donation in return for a buffet dinner. Tickets can be reserved by calling 302-222-6233 or via PayPal at

Julia chose to support the Food Bank of Delaware because of their unique educational programs that deal with the issue of hunger in surrounding communities. “I was always fortunate to have a meal on the table and wondered why others did not,” commented Julia. “The Food Bank’s focus on educating people who need food assistance is the best way to end hunger.”The Food Bank of Delaware teaches individuals how to prepare and package food so that it can be stored for future use and support larger families for more than just one meal. These techniques show participants how to use the food assistance program to its highest potential.

Julia hopes that through her research she will be able to discover solutions to the issue of hunger throughout the First State. In her commitment to serve her community, Julia is also involved with Key Club, The Odyssey of the Mind Program, Chorus and Theatre. Only sixteen years old, she is already looking forward to college where she plans to study the culinary arts and hospitality management.

“I love to cook,” stated Julia. “I have worked as a culinary assistant at summer camp and would love to one day have my own business that is focused on food.”

Upon completion of her community service project Julia will receive the Gold Award this spring and can look forward to a very promising future in the culinary arts. Her years of hard work will be realized not only in the form of the Gold Award but in the service she has dedicated to her community.