Milford Lions Give Betts New Pair of Eyes

Bob Clendaniel, Bethany Betts, Don & Sherri Betts

By Dick Andrews

Last year during the school year Sherri Betts was substituting at Banneker Elementary and was eating lunch in the staff room with Randy Harp. Randy taught her daughter Bethany at the Milford Middle School and was asking about her. That is when Sherri told him that Bethany needed to have an operation on her eyes. The cost would be $6,000.00 and like all of us she and her husband Don had no idea of how they were going to come up with that kind of money.

Sherri told Randy that they just had to find a way to come up with this money. Randy, being a Milford Lion, told Sherri about the Lions club and explained to her that that is what the Lions Club is there for. He told her he would go to a board meeting and she would have the $6,000.00. He went to the board and without hesitation the board told him they would write a check that night for $3,000.00 and put in for a grant for $3,000.00 with the Delaware Lions Foundation. With the help of Gail Watkins-Berry the application for the grant was put in and the check was received a few weeks later.

Bethany was declared legally blind without glasses. She could no longer wear contacts, which she had worn since 3rd grade and had to wear glasses, which caused her to have extreme headaches. Dr. Stump had sent her to Philadelphia to the Wills Eye Institute in Philadelphia where they decided they could implant a special contact into her eye.

This past Thursday September 8, 2011 Bethany came to thank the Milford Lions Club at their dinner meeting and reported she no longer has headaches and has 20 – 35 vision with the implants. She and her family were very appreciative of the Lions and the Delaware Lions Foundation for helping solve their problem.