Milford Through Art Show Now Open


The Mispillion Art League opened their newest gallery on the evening of Friday, September 9. The Milford Through Art show featured vintage historic and contemporary paintings of Milford from the Milford Historical Society, Milford Museum and community artists. The artwork will be on display until Saturday, October 1 and aims to show the history of Milford through the paintings and photographs of local artists.

Paintings at the gallery featured historical sites including the Parson Thorne Mansion, Mispillion River and the downtown area. The Mispillion Art League itself is located in a historical building that once held Hume’s Hardware Store. Artwork depicting this business was featured in an oil painting by J.H. Humes.

“We chose to feature this gallery because so many people asked us about Milford art,” commented Sara Gallagher, an original founder of the Art League. “As often as we can we like to use local flavor.”

Among the favorite sites painted by artists at the Milford Through Art Gallery was “purity row”, which was once located on Front Street. Most of the painting featured horse drawn wagons and women carrying parasols. Also noticeable was the absence of any pavement or street lights which have become to define cities across the nation.

An oil painting by Jack Lewis depicted Walnut Street with men and women riding in horse drawn buggies with every man and boy wearing a full suit. This painting not only showed an impression of the city of Milford at the time but also a look back at societal norms of the day.

The Mulholland Spoon Factory was featured in a watercolor piece by Catherine Serwalt. The Mulholland Spoon factory was once a leading manufacturing business in the area that produced wooden spoons that were put inside Dixie cups. During World War II the facility made tongue depressors for the United State Army and later shut its doors to international outsourcing.

The Milford Through Art Gallery attracted many visitors to the Mispillion Art Gallery on Friday evening. Through events like these Milford is beginning to become an art destination for many. New galleries, studios, and classes are shaping the identity of this town and reflecting the town motto of “River Town, Art Town, Home Town.”

The Gallery is open Wednesday through Saturday at 10 a.m. To contact the Mispillion Art League call (302) 430-7646.