Senior Center to Host Health, Wellness, Trade Show


Milford Senior Center will host a Health, Wellness, Trade Show on Saturday, September 17 from 9am to 4pm that will be free to the public. The event will give individuals and businesses an opportunity to share physical, mental and spiritual health information with the Milford community.

“The Health, Wellness, and Trade Show event will give people the chance to sample and experience ways to enhance life, heal the body, expand the mind, and inspire the spirit,” commented Doris Hoover, Program and Activities Coordinator at Milford Senior Center. “The events will cover a wide variety of topics from staying healthy, keeping fit, natural health and living, personal growth, relationships, hands on activities, and every day living awareness.

Screenings from medical experts and business professionals will include heart monitoring, blood pressure readings, dental examinations, massage therapy, physical training demonstrations and wellness education.

This will be the second annual Health, Wellness and Trade Show at the Milford Senior Center. “Last year the house was packed,” commented Ms. Hoover. “We couldn’t fit anyone else in.” This year the show is expected to bring over 300 people to the Milford Senior Center.

The emphasis of this Health, Wellness, and Trade Show will be to promote a healthy life style and healthy attitude through education and hands on activities. Health presentations will be held throughout the building during the event and a healthy lunch will be offered from the staff at the Milford Senior Center. For additional information, call Doris Hoover, 302-422-3385.