U JUST ASK Forms To Help Area Needy


A group of area women have formed “U Just ASK (Actively Supporting with Kindness), a new community effort aimed at helping those in need.

“Our name says it all if you have a need ‘U Just ASK,’ and we will try to help as many people as possible,” says the group, which includes Kris Phillips, Lisa Mallard, Pamm Swadley, Donna Schanne, Connie Warren, Laura Rust, and Faith Ennis. “Throughout the year we will be having many giveaways from coats, Thanksgiving dinners, to toys at Christmas, uniforms for school aged children, just to name a few. We will be looking for many volunteers throughout the year to help with these missions. Maybe you can lend some time delivering goods, wrapping gifts, dropping off donations, attending our meetings, giving us names of those in need, or just offering up a prayer for our success. It doesn’t necessarily cost anything to help one another. We know that with GOD guiding our efforts we will be successful. ”

The group’s first event will be “Random Acts of Kindness/Pay It Forward Day” on September 28, 2011 community wide.

“We never know how much of an impact we can have on someone if we just offer one small act of kindness,” says the group. “It may change their day completely. If the day is a success we hope to have it monthly!”

Some suggestions offered by U Just Ask for that day are paying for coffee for the person behind you in line, paying a toll for someone, bringing in your neighbors trash or newspaper, or baking some cookies for a shut in.

“There are so many ways we can perform a small act of kindness and it doesn’t have to cost a penny,” says the group.

For more information, U Just Ask has created a Facebook page and will be building a website in the near future.