Public Hearing Will Determine Future of Downtown Offices

The offices of The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford and Downtown Milford Inc. will be affected by this decision in October.

The building that currently holds the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford and Downtown Milford Inc. may have big plans in the near future. The City of Milford will hold a public hearing to reveal the plan for the downtown site and a summary of the process for approving the project; this date is still to be determined. The reconstruction of this site will prepare the property for a complete rehabilitation of the City Water Plant and the City owned office building located on Washington Street.

The primary focus of the project will be rebuilding the water plant but the project will also include the demolition of the offices located in front of the water plant to meet production needs for the City. The City of Milford expects to move the billing staff back downtown in this location to increase accessibility to residents.

“Due to aging infrastructure, maintenance and repair work to this facility has been difficult and unproductive,” commented City Manager David Baird. “The City has been repairing and replacing water production and treatment facilities around town for several years and this should be one of the final steps in that process.”

The Milford City Council has been advised that a $4 million loan from the State of Delaware has been approved for the project to finance the improvements associated with the demolition and reconstruction of the Washington Street Water Plant and the office buildings located on the same site. The borrowing is expected to be completed through the issuance of a loan from the State of Delaware Drinking Water Revolving Fund (DWSRF Loan). According to City Manager David Baird “35 percent of the principal will be forgive immediately” which would bring the loan down to $2.6 million.

Following the public hearing City Council will be asked to approve a referendum for the project. If approved, the referendum will be held to determine whether the public wants to pursue the project and the borrowing of the loan. According to the Charter of the City of Milford the referendum must be set at least 30 days after the approval and no more than 60 days after the approval. Eligibility of Milford residents for the referendum will be the same as annual elections.

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