“Parson Thorne Mansion is Haunted”

Paranormal activity caught on camera during a recent investigation.

Delmarva Historic Haunts Investigate Parson Thorne

Delmarva Historic Haunts will be performing an investigation into claims of paranormal activity at the Parson Thorne Mansion in Milford starting Friday, October 14 through Saturday 15. The Paranormal Class and 2 hour investigation will examine the long history of the Mansion and determine whether there is enough evidence to suggest any unworldly activity.

Rick Coherd and his crew of investigators from Delmarva Historical Haunts are not just paranormal specialist but historians at heart. Focusing on the history of a house or property the team begins each investigation through research of the location and the people who lived there.

“We perform unique haunts by concentrating on the history of that place, commented Mr. Coherd. “We focus on phrases and use devices from the time period to get more responses from ghosts. The reason for that is simply because if the person were even still alive today they wouldn’t understand the way that we speak and the words that we use.”

Rick states that he and his team have experienced paranormal activity at multiple levels at several locations throughout Delaware. During an investigation at Fort Delaware last spring the team heard and recorded voices inside the fort using a device called an Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). An EVP amplifies sound in real time so that the investigators can listen while they explore a site.

Rick, in an attempt to conjure paranormal activity, asked the question, “What kind of games do you like to play?”. Through the EVP device they were able to hear, in a little girl’s voice, the response of “slipper.” Later, when Rick and his team researched the response, they discovered that slipper was a common children’s game that was played during the Civil War. When Rick returned to the site he played the game with his crew and found that while playing the game there were very high levels of electromagnetic activity which suggests the presence of paranormal activity. Each time they stopped playing the game the activity disappeared.

The members of the Delmarva Historic Haunt admit that there is not always so much excitement on the haunts but their last visit to the Parson Thorne Mansion this summer resulted in some very interesting findings. That information will be completely revealed on their next visit to the mansion on October 14.

“We have solid proof that Parson Thorne Mansion has a ghost,” commented Rick. “We found EVP recordings of voices responding to investigators.”

Working for Delaware Ghost Hunters for several years Rick has gained the laboratory experience necessary for the investigations but his love for history has been with him for decades. Having the opportunity to experience history in the making himself, Rick worked as a florist at the White House during the Administrations of Nixon, Ford and Carter. He experienced two paranormal episodes during his tenure, one in the Lincoln bedroom and another in the East Room. Both occurrences he experienced an image of a woman wearing a black shawl in the room with him.

Out of those experiences and love of history Rick developed Delmarva Historical Haunts to focus on not only the investigation of paranormal activity but to help local organizations like the Milford Historical Society raise funds for rehabilitation and preservation of historical sites.

“I want to give back to historical sites,” commented Rick. “Historical organizations are all having trouble with funding during this economy and we like to raise money to help preserve that history.”

The Delmarva Ghost Hunters will be at Parson Thorne Mansion on Friday, October 14 through October 15. The Paranormal 101 Class and 2 hour investigation will cost $25 per person with all of the funds going to the Milford Historical Society. Reservations can be made by calling Susan Emery at 302-422-3115.