Despite Strong Defense Milford Falls to Tech


By Sean Marraffini

A strong defensive showing in the first half was not enough as Sussex Tech defeated Milford 21-7. The Buccaneers received the ball to start the game and ran the ball to start their offense, which was fumbled by the running back and quickly recovered.

The passing game seemed more affective when Bucs Quarterback Nicholas Jefferson threw to Devon Needum who caught it just inside Tech’s defensive zone. The drive would end in a missed field goal despite the offensive showing.

“We had a real good week of practice.” head coach Mike Tkack said. “We tried to take the approach where we had guys focus one side of the ball and it’s paid off.”

On the defensive side of the ball Milford showed great improvement since their last outing against Indian River. Sussex Tech’s opening drive was a three and out, capped off by a false start penalty on the third down. Milford would primarily stick to running the ball in hopes to garner some offense yards but were held by the Tech’s defense. The Buc’s defense was also strong and the first quarter ended scoreless.

To open the second quarter Milford tried to attack through the air and was able to get downfield but not into the end zone, where the Raven’s defense continued to stand strong. The second quarter played out much like the first, with both offenses meeting even stronger defenses as the teams went into the half tied at 0-0.

Halfway through the third quarter Tech found a weak spot in the Buc’s defense when Raven’s back Willis Dickerson ran 67 yards for a touchdown to putt Tech up 7-0. Milford’s offense was unable to find its mark and trailed going into the final quarter.

Not long into fourth quarter, Raven’s full back Kani Kane had a 27 yard run to put Sussex Tech up 14-0. It took being down for the Buc’s to get going. Milford drove down field with Jefferson passing to Justin Frketic twice for long yardage getting the Bucs deep into the Ravens red zone. The Buc’s capped of the drive with a 5 yard touchdown run by running back Marqueise Mkpuechina. The PAT put Milford on the scoreboard at 14-7.

Milford would be unable to bridge the gap during the closing minutes when Tech’s offensive line created just enough space for Kane to run for 80 yards for the touchdown, creating a 21-7 victory for the Ravens.

“We played better yes,” Tkack said. “We’ve got to continue to work hard and build on the momentum that we made. And we’re going to after Central next week.”

The Buc’s will look for their first win this season when they travel to Sussex Central on Friday. Game time is 7:30.