MHS Mentoring Program Grows

Dr. Robert Andrzejewski, Executive Director of the Delaware Mentoring Council, Superintendent Sharon Kanter and District Mentor Coordinator Craig Warrington

The Milford Motivation Mentoring Program, led by District Mentor Coordinator Craig Warrington, held their luncheon training at the Milford Senior High School on Thursday, September 22. The success of the program last year has allowed the expansion of its services this year to reach an expected 100 mentees at the Milford Senior High School and 200 mentees across the Milford School District.

The Milford Motivation Program pairs mentors from the Milford community with high school students to form a strong, supportive bond. The primary role for each mentor is to support the student in academics and help develop a positive self-concept. The goals of the program are academic growth, as measured on their school transcripts, improved attendance and a decrease in discipline referrals.

“There is no other school in the state of Delaware doing anything like this,” commented Mr. Warrington. “We have developed a program that has received overwhelming support from the community.”

With over 200 mentors expected to assist Milford students this year, the Motivation Mentoring Program has demonstrated its ability to partner with individuals, businesses and government agencies to create a program that is proven to work. A promising new partnership this year is the Dover Air Force Base who has dedicated 40 to 50 mentors for the program.

“This program has been going so well,” commented Tamara Cooper, Principal at Milford Senior High School. “Just seeing the enthusiasm of the students is worth it. It is really a testament to the spirit of Milford High School.”

Mr. Warrington is urging individuals and businesses in the community to assist in the Milford Motivation Mentoring Program by becoming mentors themselves. Mentors meet with their mentee weekly for 1 hour which can include a school visit, phone call, community contact or planned social and recreational gatherings.

Recruitment for the program began in September, but Mr. Warrington urges any interested party to get involved now. Businesses and individuals alike are encouraged to participate in the program. To get involved with the Milford Mentoring Program contact Craig Warrington at 422-1640, ext. 213 or