Mother Nature Doesn’t Dampen the Spirits of 5K Runners & Walkers

“Smile for Freedom” Volunteers, Angela Dorey, Louis Cenat, Eric Hitch,

By Jo Schmeiser CCGM Executive Director

When planning an event you can cross all your T’s and dot all your I’s all you want, however if it’s an outdoor event Mother Nature is the boss. We were reminded of that September 8th, when it was dark at 2:00 p.m. and it kept raining off and on. Since we’re “the glass is half full” kind of people at the chamber, we were determined to have the 2nd Annual “Smile for Freedom” 5K Run/Walk rain or shine.

Well, there definitely wasn’t any shine, and by 5:00 p.m. we knew we had to call off the event and postpone it for one week. We contacted the media, put the word out on facebook, called all sponsors, volunteers and everyone we could think of that had any involvement in the event. Needless to say, we (well I) did forget to call one very important volunteer, Coach Czar Bloom, from Milford High School. He and a few volunteers from the track team showed up with the time clock & were ready to go. I cannot even begin to tell you how horrible I felt not giving Coach Bloom an update. He was very forgiving and said they would be back Thursday September 15th.

On the day of the rescheduled event Mother Nature was apparently in a bad mood again. All day we looked out the window just waiting for the rain to come and make us postpone the race another week. However, by 5:00 all the volunteers were ready, people started registering by 6:00, and the race started promptly by 6:30. I’m not saying it was nice by any means, just not raining. If you go to either the Abbott’s Grill or CCGM facebook page check out the photo I took before the race. It was so dark it looked like it was going to storm any second. The winds picked up and Milford Chronicle and avid runner Gwen Guerke told me it was very hard running with the extremely high winds.

The good news is everyone crossed the finish line before it was completely dark out, and right before the rain came. We couldn’t have pulled off the event without the help of all the volunteers and committee members including Bobbi Pavlak, David Sauls, Laura Burton, Pete Renzi, Kim Baker, Angela Dorey, Louis Cenat, Eric Hitch, Tiffiany Miller, Ashley McDowell, Lorna Petchy, Jennie Hess, CCGM Admin. Asst. Susie Avalos, Coach Bloom & his helpers and D.J. Petch from Eagle 97.7 for being such a great MC, even while his tent was trying to blow away.

The event sponsors Dentsply Caulk, Extreme Total Fitness, Abbott’s Grill, i.g.Burton, WSFS, Pro Physical Therapy, SeaWatch, The Milford Chronicle, Allen Insurance, Delmarva Broadcasting and the American Cancer Society were instrumental in the success of the event.

The Chamber of Commerce is grateful to have such wonderful, supportive members who donate money, items, and their time to make sure the events are successful, and to insure that everyone who participates has a great time.

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