Dolce, Milford LIVE Offer ‘Golden Ticket’ Contest


Dolce Bakery & Coffee Shop and Milford LIVE are teaming up this October to bring the Milford community a unique contest for coffee and music lovers alike. Through the month of October Dolce will be featuring 1,000 coffee cups that will be accompanied with coffee sleeves that have the Milford LIVE logo prominently displayed. These cups will be the key to winning free coffee, gift certificates and even an iPod nano.

Patrons of Dolce Coffee Shop can receive a Milford LIVE coffee sleeve when they purchase any size hot beverage. Sixteen of these cups will act as ‘golden tickets’ and be marked with unique words underneath the coffee sleeve. These coffee sleeves can be turned into Dolce for prizes.

Ten of the specially marked sleeves can be redeemed for free coffee, 5 sleeves can be redeemed for free lattes and 1 sleeve can be redeemed for a $10 Dolce Gift Certificate. All 16 of these individual winners will then be entered to win the grand prize, an iPod nano.

To join the fun, visit Dolce at 36 North Walnut Street, downtown Milford, and pick up your hot beverage featuring the Milford LIVE coffee sleeve during the month of October.