Quaker City String Band in Milford October 19

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Staff  Report

The Quaker City String Band has been confirmed to appear at the annual Milford Community Parade scheduled for October 19, 2011 in Downtown Milford. “We are estatic about the opportunity to share them with the Delmarva community,” exclaimed the 2011 Chairperson, Charles Gray. ” The parade is a tradition that has spanned a life of over 70 years in Milford. I am proud that we can bring the Quaker City String Band to Milford and help celebrate the current Parade Committee’s 25th parade.”

Quaker City String Band along with many others have a long history of putting colors and detailed skits to the tune of their music. The members of the band will be wearing vibrant costumes from their first place performance in the 2011 Philadelphia Mummers’ Parade. These members love to play and entertain with their music and work all year to plan their theme.

The history of the Philadelphia Mummers dates back to the early settlers of the United States. The Mummers’ Parade is a folk tradition that officially started in Philadelphia towards the beginning of the twentieth century. The Quaker City String Band joined this tradition in 1920. After disbanding, the Quaker City reorganized in 1931 and has since been entertaining fans of our great Philadelphia tradition.

Quaker City is a perennial favorite among thousands of spectators on New Years Day. Whether fans are braving the frigid temperatures or enjoying our performance from the comfort of their home, the Quaker City String Band has consistently been a “fan favorite.” The men of Quaker City have used their creativity and innovative style to consistently be a top prize winner. The challenge of concocting a different theme every year with new music, costumes and choreography is one Quaker City gladly accepts, striving to out-do themselves annually.

The Quaker City String Band takes its unique form of entertainment to audiences all over the world. Quaker City has entertained the people of Cuba, Mexico, England, Canada, France and Italy. Since 1986, the band has performed in Galveston, Texas for their annual Mardi Gras festivities. Also, since 1988 the band has been invited to perform in Kiltimagh, County Mayo, Ireland for their St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Quaker City welcomes the opportunity to deliver a piece of Philadelphia tradition to all parts of the world.

Along the lines of our membership, the Quaker City String Band has had the privilege of marching behind only two captains since their reorganization in 1931. Ray Endriss was Captain of Quaker City from 1931 through his retirement in 1971. Bob Shannon Jr. was only the second captain since the band’s reorganization and remained captain from 1972 to 2008. Quaker City looks forward to marching behind their third captain, Charlie Roetz, in 2009. Charlie has been a member of Quaker City for most of his life. The band encourages audience participation in many phases of their show, especially when the Captain persuades the spectators to join him in a sing-a-long or to strut with him to the foot-tapping string band sound of the Quaker City String Band.

The String Band will be a part of the Milford Parade Committee’s 25th parade Celebration with more than 10 other marching bands scheduled to appear. The parade will also feature business and civic group floats, marching units, fire and rescue units, and costumed characters. Reviewing stands will be located at Milford City Hall, Church of God and Gooden’s Floral Shop. For more information, visit the Committee’s Facebook page at MilfordParade.