Reiki, a New Way of Healing

Anita Brown performing Reiki.

Anita Brown and Pam Remus have spent a combined 30 years practicing the healing process of Reiki. A holistic approach to creating a healthy lifestyle, practitioners of Reiki profess its ability to minimize stress, empower the human immune system and create an overall sense of vitality. Medical facilities across the country have begun to take notice of the restorative therapy it offers.

The practice of Reiki accepts as truth that there is a universal source of energy that pervades every living thing. Practitioners of this healing process use the energy within each person to increase their overall wellness of the mind, body and spirit. By placing their hands on or above an individual, practitioners act as a catalyst to assist the patients’ own healing responses in the body. Reiki promotes a holistic approach to wellness and has recently been used by health care facilities to help will stress, effects from certain diseases and to manage overall health.

Since 2005, Bayhealth Medical Center in Milford has partnered with several nontraditional therapeutic groups, through the non-profit organization Planetree, in an effort to utilize a holistic approach to healing, in additional to traditional medical procedures. Anita and Pam have been involved with several events and lectures about the healing power of Reiki at Bayhealth and continue to introduces individuals to its powerful possibilities.

“Everyone can benefit from Reiki,” commented Pam. “It helps the immune system and stress related diseases. People are much more accepting of the holistic approach to healing now than they were when I started to learn what Reiki was all about.” Pam Remus has shared her knowledge of Reiki with others for 17 years and uses it for everything from children to animals.

Anita Brown has practiced Reiki for 13 years and originally incorporated the healing practice with her parenting skills. “I felt that combining Reiki with traditional medicine was an effective holistic approach to parenting,”commented Anita. She maintains that Reiki can be used to help with parenting, work and almost any situation in life.

This ancient art of healing has started to make its presence known in hospitals and hospice facilities around the country as a complimentary process of recovery for patients.The empirical evidence of its success is still fairly new but practitioners of Reiki contend that its ability to heal the mind, body and spirit is undeniable.

Anita and Pam encourage everyone to learn about the natural healing process of
Reiki and its many benefits. “It promotes relaxation on a physical, emotional and spiritual level,” commented Pam. “It is especially useful for parents and care givers.”

As practicing Reiki Masters, Anita and Pam offer sessions, training and therapy classes through Inspirit Studios. To find our more information about the healing process of Reiki visit.

Pam Remus