Keep Immune System Optimal This Fall.


Are your fitness goals being cut short by frequent colds or flu symptoms? Exercise is important to improve your health and immune system, but too much of a good thing can make you susceptible to sickness. In addition to exercise, it is vital to fuel your body properly to remain well. A proper exercise program, which includes recovery days, key nutrients to boost the immune system, and optimal intake of water, will prepare your body for training this fall.

Typically, exercise positively affects our immune system. The right amount of training, which means alternating intensity and duration of workouts, will boost immunity. A good exercise regimen also can improve our resistance to colds and flu. However, over-training will stress the immune system for up to six hours after exercise, making you vulnerable to infection.

Our immune system works much like the muscles in our bodies; it needs the right nutrients to keep it working at its peak. Healthy nutrition is the most important factor for a healthy immune system; we often need to add supplements to our diets in order to achieve proper nutrition. A high-quality antioxidant and multivitamin are key ingredients in optimum nutrition. Also important is how the supplements are absorbed in your body. My recommendation is Isotonix because it is a liquid and is the same pressure as your digestive system, so more of the vitamin is absorbed into your system. A high quality aloe is also a great addition to your diet because it helps with digestion and boosts your immune system. However, you must be very careful when choosing an aloe product because a majority of what is on the market is filled with water and sugar. Check the ingredients; the higher the concentration of aloe, the better the quality of the product.

Taking supplements isn’t the only way to improve our nutrition. Herbs that are found in most kitchens can also boost our immunity. Honey, for example, is an anti-bacterial agent and can coat and soothe sore, dry throats. Ginger and cayenne are “warming” to the body; they stimulate circulation, energy and blood flow.

While supplements and herbs are important, adequate water intake is even more vital. Maintaining proper hydration will give the immune cells the ability to fight off bacteria and viruses. If you start feeling thirsty, it is too late; you’re already dehydrated. You must hydrate properly prior to exercising. Studies show that even a 2% loss in hydration decreases immunity and athletic performance. Consuming plenty of water an hour or two before training is a great way to maintain hydration.

Be are to keep your immune system in optimal condition this fall.