Lindel Computers Offer Local Help for Milford


Valarie Killinger and John Janette Jr have been repairing, servicing and building computers for residents and businesses of the Greater Milford Areas since September of 2006. In an era of international computer enterprises, Lindel Computers & Technologies has established a success business by providing expert advice and  focusing on customized service.

Repairing local computers for individuals and businesses, Lindel Computers offers  a unique service that cannot be matched by larger corporations.  A representative from the company will pick up and drop off any computer or accessories that need to be repaired. This personal touch ensures that the problem will be fixed in a reasonable amount of time by eliminating the waiting period that is normally associated with larger companies. All repaired products will be unhooked and reinstalled by a professional at Lindel Computers as to avoid any complications.

“We can usually have a computer repaired within a 24 hour period,” commented Valarie Killinger. “This means that customers are not waiting for days to use their computer again. We will also unhook and reinstall your computer so you do not have to go through the trouble of shipping your computer.”

All of Lindel’s services including software and hardware installations, virus protection, reformats and data backup are guaranteed.

The technicians at Lindel computers also build custom computers for personal and business use, gaming and children.  The hardware and software on these computers are built from the ground up to ensure their clients receive exactly what they desire.

“When a computer comes from a big box store it has so many unnecessary things included on it,” commented John Janette Jr. “We leave it up to the customers to decide what they need to do with their computer.”

Lindel Computers prides themselves on educating their customers on computer literacy. They encourage individuals to always back up the information on their computers, stay current with anti-virus software and stay educated.

“The most important thing to remember is to educate yourself,” commented John.

Lindel Computers have repaired and continued to service several local  businesses including the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Milford, Gooden’s Floral shop, Carpet’s Plus, Delaware Fitness, Greentop Lawn and Landscaping, Shell’s Day Care, Larson’s Lawn Mower Repair and Milford Moose Lodge.

The professionals at Lindel Computers can be reached by calling 302-519-7000 or by email at To find out more information about Lindel Computers & Technology visit or check out their Facebook page.