Construction Increases Around Town


In the past several weeks residents of Milford have experienced quite a few construction projects throughout the city which has created temporary delays for drivers who frequent the downtown area. Currently, the City of Milford Public Works Department is implementing multiple projects to the area for the purpose of street repair, sewer maintenance and improvements.

The most visible project in the downtown area at this time is the Inflow and Infiltration Project which is part of the 2008 sanitary sewer rehabilitation referendum. Mostly engineering work until now, the project is currently focused on repair and replacement of sewer pipes for the purpose of reducing the excess of outside water flowing into the city’s sewer system.

“The project will reduce the cost that the City of Milford pays Kent County Waste Water Treatment Plant in Frederica each year,” commented City Manager David Baird. From July 2009 to July 2010 it cost the City of Milford over $1 Million dollars for Inflow and Infiltration water to be treated. In the past 11 months it has cost the City around $520,000.”

The City of Milford pays the Kent County Water Treatment Plant by the gallon to ensure the sanitation of city water. The Inflow and Infiltration Study shows several spots of the sewer system that are allowing additional water (groundwater, stormwater, water from individuals’ sub pumps) into the system which is adding to the volume needed to be treated each year. Alongside this project the City of Milford will be contracting smaller improvements in those areas including hot mix asphalt overlay, milling and concrete work for curbs and sidewalks.

The next visible project will be the cleaning and painting of the water tower on N.E. Tenth Street. Later this month AT&T will be moving their equipment from the site so that the tower may be cleaned and painted with the new City of Milford logo. This improvement to the N.E. Tenth Street water tower is part of a 10 year maintenance agreement for all three of the water towers located in the city of Milford.

The Tree and Grate Project , which is part of the larger Milford Streetscape plan, will also begin this fall. This project is aimed at creating sidewalks that are attractive and more pedestrian friendly; encouraging individuals to venture downtown. The Grate and Tree Project will include work on Walnut Street from N.E. and N.W. Front Street to City Hall, N.W. Front Street from Walnut Street to Church Street and possibly one block between Walnut Street and Washington Street. This project is spearheaded by Downtown Milford Inc.

Working with Gary Emory at the Milford Parks and Recreation Department the next phase of the Riverwalk will be completed, connecting Columbia Street and Marshall Street. The completion of the Chaney-Willmont project will allow individuals to travel form Silver Lake to Goat Island via the Riverwalk.

Several other projects that will take place in Milford in the next year include the construction of a new electric substation along Route 113, a new water treatment plant located in the South East Region and the possibility of a new police station.

City Manager Davis Baird asks individuals to be patient with the construction work as City crews do their best to work efficiently. Mr. Baird states that many of the downtown projects are occurring alongside of each other so that resources can be used to do multiple projects at the same time. The City will continue to post updates of the projects and where they will be, online at