New Business Encourages Milford to Learn, Love, Live

LeLoLi Coffee Shop & Espresso Bar located on 1053 N. Walnut Street.

LeLoLi Coffee Shop and Espresso Bar is the newest business to join the Milford family. Serving gourmet coffee, delicious pastries and offering a fun atmosphere, LeLoLi has been open for just three weeks. The name LeLoLi stands for “Learn, Love, Live” and emphasized the optimistic, energetic feel that the business portrays to all that walk through their door.

Owner and creator of LeLoLi, Ennio Emmanuel, wanted to develop a business where people could relax and enjoy life. “I want people to come here for an environment that stimulates them visually and mentally, away from the normal day to day,” commented Ennio. Ennio grew up in the Camden area of Delaware and has always seen Milford as a place that had potential for so many things. “Milford has a cool vibe and I think the people of Milford are classy,” commented Ennio. “I also saw an opportunity for my business to help the local community grow.”

Ennio has worked in coffee shops for 8 years while attending High School and College and associates his knowledge of which ingredients create the best coffee with that experience. “Where you get the coffee from and how it’s grown is what makes the quality of it superior,” stated Ennio.

LeLoLi prides itself on working with free trade coffee communities that ensure that their workers are paid fair wages. The Emmanuel family is currently investing in a coffee field in Honduras, creating a program where workers will not only receive fair trade prices for their services but also receive medical supplies and services from the profits that are made at the store.

Only their third week in business, LeLoLi hopes to become part of the Milford community and its overall economic strategy for success. “We want to provide whatever Milford wants,” commented Ennio.

LeLoLi is interested in holding public events for Milford and is working on unique experiences for their shop including the possibility of an open mic night. They encourage all organizations and individuals to think of how LeLoLi can further support the community.

Located on 1053 N. Walnut Street, LeLoLi is open Monday through Saturday 6am to 7pm. In addition to coffee they offer fine tea, freshly squeezed juices, smoothies with or without espresso and handmade pastries. For more information on LeLoLi check out their Facebook page at