Council Votes to Continue with Milford Ponds Development


City Council opened the Monday night meeting with a pubic hearing on a modification of a conditional use to allow a planned unit development. The property is located east of US Route 113 at the intersection of West Heirloom Way, south of Seabury Avenue, Milford, Delaware, formerly known as Central Parke at Milford/Milford Ponds. Area of Petition is 107.50 +/- Acres; Current Zoning is R-1, R-2 and R-3. The modifications are required to allow the developer to complete the remaining construction on the existing lots so that they may be sold to homebuilders.

This project was first proposed as a concept plan to City Council during a workshop meeting on January, 27 2004 as a 55 Plus Community. Shortly thereafter the Comprehensive Plan was amended to include these parcels as a PUD residential development. On June 5, 2006 city council granted final major subdivision approval on Phase I. Phase II and received final major subdivision approval on April 28, 2008 from city council. The phase referred to as “Clubhouse” received final site plan approval from planning commission on March 18, 2008.

Presently, of the original 171 acres, 71 acres is owned by EB Land Company LLC and 100 acres is owned by Griffin Realty LLC. A legal battle between Griffith Realty LLC and EB Land Company has continued for several years regarding land rights to the property including the access to City of Milford infrastructure and utilities.

A resolution of the Planning Commission of the City of Milford recommended to City Council the approval of a conditional use modification for Griffin Realty LLC at Route 113 for 400 lots subdivision with 264 single family swellings and 136 town home dwellings to be known as Milford Ponds in a R-1, R-2 and R-3 zoning district.

Councilman Gleysteen made a motion for the approval of the request to modify a conditional use to allow a planned unit development with the provision that Mr. Geyer, at his expense, have a traffic study completed for the area of the entrance to the property from Route 113. If the study shows no safety concerns then an entrance will be granted. The vote was split with 5 councilmen voting yes (Grier, Gleysteen, Johnson, Starling, Wilson) and Councilman Pikus and Brooks voting no. Councilman Skip Pikus stated “council should not be in the position of settling legal disagreements between tow individuals.” The motion passed.

City Council voted on the appointment of election workers for the Washington Street Water Plant Improvements & Office Building Demo and Reconstruction Referendum to be held on November 19,2011. Council approved Tamela Mallamo, Joanne Leuthauser and Phyllis Fox for the election board and Carole Mason Rita Cartwright, Donna Merchant Karen Boone and Teresa Franklin as election officers.

City Manager David Baird requesting a transfer of $10,000 from Revenue, Account #101- 0000-311-20-10, to the Property Maintenance, Account #101-1045- 429.68-20 to allow enforcement of Property Maintenance issues to continue.Council voted to unanimously approve the request.

A budget line item transfer request was made by Cheif Hudson requesting a transfer from Wawa Account #101-0000-359.10-10, to Legal Expense Account # 101-1610-421.30-20 and a second transfer from Wawa Account # 101-0000-359.10-10 to Contact Services Account # 101 1610 421.30-10. The Council voted to unanimously accept the transfer.
Gary Emory of Milford Parks and Recreations and City Planner Gary Norris presented the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan for the City of Milford which will include pedestrian and bicycle paths connecting the city of Milford. City Council endorsed the plan and looks forward to it moving forward. The next City Council Meeting with be held on Monday, November 14 at 7pm at City Hall.