Jenkins Opens “Canvasing Delaware” Gallery

Anne Jenkins explains her "Bag of Hope" project to attendees on Friday night.

Local artist Anne Jenkins opened her first show in Milford, “Canvasing Delaware”, Friday, October 21, at her new art gallery located at 127 NW Front Street. Inspired by the local sites, Jenkins has created an entire gallery devoted to her recent life in the state of Delaware.


Jenkins, a British citizen born and raised in South Africa, has also lived in six European countries for 25 years and traveled the world extensively before settling in the United States. New Orleans was Anne’s beloved adopted city for a few years until Hurricane Katrina devastated the city in 2005. After Katrina, she owned a gallery & studio in Georgia and has recently moved to Milford, Delaware where the arts community has begun to flourish.


“It might be a small state but there’s lots of diversity and grand vistas,” Jenkins said. “The thing that most surprised me is Delaware has a big sky. I really didn‘t expect that.”


After a few days exploring the back roads of Delaware, Anne was inspired and impressed by the “tranquility and charm of the state.” Her new gallery in downtown Milford captures the peacefulness of delaware’s beaches, wetlands and other natural wonders as well as her infatuation with the “big sky” of delaware.


Anne is an unconventional artist in many different respects. She has no formal art education but is self taught, favors to paint with a palette knife instead of a traditional brush and prefers to work quickly to create her artwork instead of a slower more customary pace. A self-taught artist, her acrylics and watercolors can be found in many private collections in Europe, Japan, South Africa, Canada and all over the United States. Among her corporate clients are HBO and Universal Studios, Hollywood, Calif., the Ritz-Carlton at Lake Oconee, Ga.; Datacert Inc., Houston, Texas; TravelTalk Radio, San Diego, Calif., and Entergy Power Company, New Orleans, Louisiana.


Jenkins has shown at some of the major shows in the nation, such as Bayou City in Houston, Texas, and Norcross Art Fest and Slotin’s Art Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. She participated in an invitation only show in Quebec, Canada in 2004 and spent three weeks as an artist in residence in Colorado in 2009. Her art is on display in a number of galleries in the South East.


“I’m just delighted to be in Milford,” Jenkins added. “There’s a wealth of art here – visual and performance. I’m excited to be surrounded by such talent!”


The gallery hours are Thursday-Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. All the painting are for sale. For information, call (302) 393-6629 or go to her website