Chamber’s Jo Schmeiser Enjoys Being Principal for a Day


The new Mispillion Elementary Terrapins welcomed Jo Schmeiser, Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford Executive Director, to the newly constructed school for “Principal for the Day”. The newest edition to the Milford School District, Mispillion Elementary School, opened its doors to students on Wednesday, August 31. The state-of- the- art facility is located next to the campus of Lulu Ross Elementary on Lovers Lane and provides educational programming for approximately 720 students in grades 1 through 5.

Ms. Donahue, who is currently the Principal at Mispillion Elementary School, led Ms. Schmeiser through her day as Jo got to see what it really takes to be the principal of an elementary school. Although it is her first year at the new Mispillion School, Ms. Donahue has been with the Milford School District since 1992 and was the principal at Morris Early Childhood Center for three years.

Ms. Schmeiser began her day overseeing Ms. Harts’ 3rd grade class as they were using their “Neo Computers” to assist them with accelerated reading and math programs. These computers have allowed teachers to administer what each child is learning and creates the ability for teachers to focus on individuals who may be struggling with the day’s lesson.

The new school is a state-of-the-art facility with each classroom fitted with the newest technology in learning including a new apparatus called a Smart Board. Used in business and government settings around the world this technology allows the students to comprehend lesson plans thorough touch detection, animation and sound.

Jo admits that she was a little nervous before she walked through those doors but luckily she chose a day where students were enjoying several fun activities including the Scholastic Book Fair, Walk Against Bullying, Fall Harvest parties and Blue Jean Day. During the Scholastic Book Fair students were picking out and buying their favorite and new books to read for their studies.

“I have to say I was quite pleased to see how excited the kids were to find new books to take home,” commented Ms. Schmeiser. “In this new age of computers it was great to see that computers have not discouraged them from reading books.”

In the afternoon, Ms. Donahue and Ms. Scheismer accompanied several classrooms on their Walk Against Bullying. Combining the anti-bullying policies and the healthy lifestyles initiatives in the Milford School District, students walked the track next to the Mispillion School while stopping to hear stories about bullying others.

After finishing her day by visiting a few more classrooms, Jo was able to enjoy the Fall Harvest Day parties where each classroom had their own take on the spirit of fall.

When asked about her experience at the school Ms. Schmeiser commented “It is a beautiful school and the children were well behaved. It was very encouraging to see how excited the kids were to learn. The anti-bullying program with the added walk is a great program for kids of that age.”