First State Moves the Nation, Nov. 3


On Thursday, November 3 manufactures from across the state of Delaware will be gathering on what will soon be recognized as the centrally-located hub for moving Delaware forward in the world of advanced manufacturing. First State Moves the Nation Accelerator will celebrate manufacturing and its renewed alliance in the state of Delaware on November 3 from 4pm to 7pm at 301 S.E. 4th Street.

On the site of the newly designed First State Manufacturing Incorporated building, next to the Milford Little League fields, Sher and Eli Valenzuela will introduce their plan to transform the manufacturing industry and how it operates in Delaware and across the nation through the Small Business Manufacturing Accelerator. The Accelerator program aims to provide a trained and skilled workforce ready to fill the needs of the manufacturing industry in Delaware, an infrastructure that provides manufacturers business resources to support their needs and a hub of innovation that fuels creativity and new product development.

“This is going to be something that impacts the entire area,” commented Sher Valenzuela, Vice President of First State Manufacturing, Inc. “This is a launch into economic revitalization and we are off to a big start.”

In response to Federal and State mandates to create an economic ecosystem that spurs economic innovation and growth, a public/private partnership between the Delaware Workforce Investment Board (DOL), The City of Milford, and First State Manufacturing Inc. has been created to discover and develop innovative methods for job creation in the First State.

The First State Moves the Nation Accelerator Portal will act as a centralized access point for resources committed to promoting the manufacturing community. The web-based portal will connect businesses to jobseekers, individuals to advanced manufacturing skills development training and businesses to taxpayer-funded small business resources. With a decreasing number of goods being manufactured in the United States, this program will give U.S. companies access to a network of strategic partners and help to increase the amount of goods being created here at home.

“The percentage of goods that the United States manufactures in our own country is down to 9%,” commented Sher Valenzuela. “we are supplying a backbone for counties that are not our own. This is not just an issue of economic recovery but of national security.”

With Delaware historically being known for the three C’s, credit cards, chemicals and chickens, First State Manufacturing believes that the next industry that Delaware will be known for is manufacturing. In close proximity to Washington D.C., Philadelphia and New York, Delaware is located in a strategic geographic area. The First State Moves the Nation Accelerator will offer education and access to state and regional supply chain partners and will qualify and certify manufacturing firms in the region.

In addition to housing the First State Moves the Nation Accelerator , the First State Manufacturing building will also host the southern campus of the Junior Achievement Program. The youth program will create a partnership with the business community in encouraging young people to be more involved in the business community.  Junior Achievement’s programs teach students work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

The event being held on Thursday, November 3 will include the Delaware Manufacturing Resource Showcase, unveiling of the First State Moves the Nation Small Business Manufacturing Accelerator, presentation of the Downstate Junior Achievement Campus and the first annual Forklift Road-EO. A film crew from the nationally-televised show “World’s Greatest” (ION Network), will be on hand to capture the celebration. For additional information on the event of programs offered at the First State Manufacturing facility contact Lisa Trice at 302-424-4520.