Lulu Ross Holds Principal for a Day

Mrs. Cindy McKenzie, Principal, Lulu Ross Elementary and Mrs. Christina Favilla, President, Discover Bank

On Monday, October 24th, Lulu Ross Elementary in Milford, Delaware had the pleasure of hosting Mrs. Christina Favilla, President of Discover Bank in Wilmington as the “Principal for a Day”.  Mrs. Favilla spent the morning shadowing Mrs. Cindy McKenzie, Ross Elementary Principal.

Throughout the morning they visited classrooms, had discussions with students, teachers, counselors and district administrators.  Comparisons were made about how the two businesses address personnel, financial, and customer issues.  It was discovered that even though an elementary school and a bank are very different types of establishments, there are very similar concerns as they relate to the business world.

Lulu Ross Elementary is very fortunate to have had the pleasure of having the president of Discover Bank visit their school.  For the past several years the fourth and fifth grade students at Ross have participated in a program that is sponsored by Discover Bank called “Bank at School”.  Students are given the opportunity to open a savings account with the bank and make deposits to their accounts right at the school.

Mr. Jay Lingo, along with Ms. Helen Maloney, take the deposits from students each Wednesday.  This gives the students an opportunity to not only begin saving at an early age, they also become familiar with economics and have the opportunity to see how mathematics relates to real life activities.

Aside from “Bank at School” at Lulu Ross, Discover Bank also supports the entire student population in the Milford School District through its generous donations to the District Mentoring Program.  The District is extremely fortunate to have formed a partnership with Discover Bank and look forward to maintaining a close working relationship.

Hopefully with their continued support our schools will produce the types of employees that will go forth and succeed, not only in life but in the business world as well.