Abbott’s Recognizes Celebrity Chef Eli Valenzuela

Nov 9 2011 /

By Karen Stauffer
For the month of October, Abbott’s Grill honored First State Manufacturing, Inc. and its founder Eliseo Valenzuela, and their contribution to the Milford community. Featured on the menu for October was a signature dish in Eli’s honor – Snapper Valenzuela – crispy snapper with a sauté of onions, peppers and tomato, black garlic, lime and cilantro.On Wednesday, November 2 Abbott’s Grill continued their Celebrity Chef series with Guest Chef Eli Valenzuela as he helped prepare and serve “First State Fajitas.” Ten percent of sales from Wednesday night,in addition to the sales of “Snapper Valenzuela from the month of October, went to H.O.M.E. (Healthcare Operations Management Enterprises, LLC), an organization that provides “individualized real life services and supports to empower people of all abilities.”

Eliseo Valenzuela, a second generation Mexican-American, grew up dirt-poor in the projects of Corpus Christi, Texas. He was what his people called a “pachuco,” which means “hood.” Fast forward 40 years, and things are looking much brighter.

Eli, his wife Sher and their partner Ashley are enjoying the fruits of their labor, as evidenced by their recent move to their 70,000 square foot Milford facility, where they employ 50. Their monthly generosity now supports local and worldwide ministries and efforts, from family-oriented radio stations to orphanages in Africa and the Philippines. They’re also deeply involved in the economic development of the City, working closely with their city officials to bring jobs and business to the community.

One of their three boys arrived “special delivery”, uniquely packaged with the challenges of autism. Defying the “experts” who said he would never talk, read or never write, today Simon attends the University of Delaware as a full-time student.

In continued support of this family and other individuals and families who are touched from this disorder, 10% of the proceeds from the sale of the Snapper Valenzuela for the month of October and the sales from the Celebrity Chef Night were given to H.O.M.E. (Healthcare Operations Management Enterprises, LLC).

First State Fajitas

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