Boys & Girls Club Expand Adult Services


In an effort to expand their services to the adult community, the Greater Milford Boys & Girls Club is introducing its new fitness center to the Club located on 101 Delaware Veterans Boulevard in Milford. For years the Club has been known for its ability to successfully teach kids how to make healthy life decisions and will now extend that commitment of healthy living to the entire Milford community.

The new fitness center is a direct result of a community survey that the Boys & Girls Club distributed throughout the Greater Milford Area earlier this year. In that survey residents were asked about future services they would like to see offered by The Club.

“In the results of the survey the community told us they wanted the Boys & Girls Club to provide more adult services,” commented Dorian Mendez-Vaz, Executive Director of the Greater Milford Boys & Girls Club. “Through the hard work of our staff members, including Aquatics Director Sarah Ziccarelli and our newly appointed Director of sports, fitness and recreation Tony Reynolds, we are now able to provide more adult services in addition to our indoor swimming facility.”

Earlier this year Aquatics Director Sarah Ziccarelli was asked to find ways that the Greater Milford Boys & Girls Club could reach out to the adult community. Being a personal trainer in college Sarah knew that combining the accessibility of the pool with a fitness facility would bring adults to the Boys & Girls Club and help to acclimate those individuals to all of the services the Club offers. As Sarah began to price equipment for the new facility a patron called the Club to donate equipment at no charge.

“We have healthy kids in our facility but now we can extend those services to create healthy families,” commented Ms. Ziccarelli. “We are very fortunate to have the equipment donated to us and very excited to begin our adult fitness services.”

The new fitness center will allow individuals over the age of 18 to enjoy fitness equipment at the Boys & Girls Club including treadmills, elliptical and free weights.
The new facility will also offer adult aerobic, martial arts and self-defense classes for men, women and children. Offered by Tony Reynolds, Director of Sports, Fitness and Recreation, the classes will help members of all ages develop their mind and body.

Additional information on the new Greater Milford Boys & Girls club fitness facility is available by calling the Club at 302-422-4453.